Doing Interior Design For Small Apartments

When you’re doing interior design for an apartment where space is at a premium, you generally tend to do compromises, in order to get extra function, the beauty being the one that suffers most. That’s not always necessary though and if you plan things right, you can get both and you can create a style for your apartment which is spacious but cozy at the same time. There are certain things you can do to make that happen, like choosing colors which are soft and light, because of their ability to open up smaller spaces. There are a lot of options when it comes to wall coverings, so what you will choose will depend on the time you can invest in the project and the budget that you work with.

One of the cheaper ways to change the way that a space feels is to paint it. Ideally, you should go with softer tones and neutral colors, as they will blend well with the rest of your furniture and will help with the illumination as well, reflecting the light from artificial and natural sources.

In many cases, you will spend the same amount of money on wallpaper as you would on paint, so consider this option as well when you’re considering what you will use. You will find various textures, styles and colors when it comes to wallpaper, so there is a lot to choose from and the versatility is certainly there.

The walls are not the only ones you can work with in a small apartment. The furniture is just as important and it should be chosen based on what it can do and the amount of space it occupies. Multifunctional furniture is best for smaller apartments and you should use this option whenever you can. One example is using your table both to work on and to eat, or using sofa beds, which turn your living room into a guest room when needed.

The lighting of the apartment is especially important when you want to create the feeling of a larger space. Use sheers instead of heavy drapes and make sure the rooms get plenty of light from the outside. The apartment will appear bigger and even though the amount of space doesn’t change, you will not feel as confined inside.

The art of designing an apartment is especially important when a smaller living space is involved. A great idea would be to adopt a minimalistic style of life, which would allow you to use less furniture and to get rid of the clutter which appears easily in a small space.

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