6 Interior Design Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make

Interior decorating, be it for a single room or furnishing an entire house, can be a daunting task. With budgets, paint swatches, furniture purchases, and organization you can get easily overwhelmed. But with these mistakes to avoid, your home will be that much closer to the well-designed palace of your dreams.

1. Over (or Under!) Sized Furniture

When shopping for new furniture, whether for a new house or a refreshing your current home, it is easy to get carried away and pick items you love without thinking of the size of the space first. The first step of proper decorating is measurements, which will help you determine just what pieces fit where.

Over-stuffed furniture in a small room can make it feel cramped, and restrict movement around the space. On the other hand, furniture that is too small can make a room feel unfinished.

2. Not Enough Lighting

Natural lighting in every room is rare, so the importance of floor lamps, track lighting, and table lamps can’t be ignored. When designing the lighting for a space, several options should be taken into consideration: ambience, use, and harmony. With lighting, you want to set the mood of the room but also take into consideration the activities that will be taking place- such as cooking or doing office work.

3. Messy Cables

Nothing distracts from a pristine entertainment system quite like a tangle of cords stuck behind the television. When setting up your electronics, be sure to start smart and organize with cable clips first thing. If this is left until after everything is installed, the process will be harder and may require unplugging and starting from the beginning.

4. Lack of Contrast

Contrast doesn’t just apply to color when it comes to interior decorating. A room of all blue can be just as jarring as a room where each piece was purchased at the same time from the same retailer, or a decorating scheme that uses all soft fabrics. Contrasting the colors, textures, and styles within a room to make the design really come to life.

5. Artwork Hung Too High

The standard for hanging art should be at about eye-level, but there is a tendency in home decorating to hang the work a little higher. This way, visitors end up craning their necks to get a good view of the piece, or missing out on details all together.

6. Collection or Clutter?

Collections are for showing off, but it is important that groups of objects be given their own display cases. Otherwise, a single shelf of items runs the risk of taking over the entire space, surface by surface, and looking like unplanned clutter. By giving the items a home, they can become a design feature as well as a display.

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