How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Home

Some people argue about the best paint color to use at home. Some say it is better to use cooler shades while some prefer warm ones. The truth is, all colors are fantastic depending on how they are presented and what they are blended with. Here are some color suggestions that you can include on your list.


If you want something that goes in the middle or warm and cold, lavender is the perfect answer. It doesn’t look too bright or dark so the mood is set to neutral. All colors in the same family such as mauve, purple and violet creates a neutral effect but you may want to choose lavender to ensure the shade is neither too dark nor too light.


Yellow is the color of happiness. It epitomizes vibrance and energy so you can definitely use this color in your family room. Yellow is also good for the kitchen or just about any area of your home where you gather your friends and family members.

Old Rose

Rose is a symbol of love and putting its color into your wall can somehow attract the same feeling. If you want to set a romantic mood, you can paint your bedroom walls with an old rose shade or anything with a reddish hue. This color is best if you have country style fixtures too as it blends with most earth shades.


White is very common but a good choice for those who would like their rooms to look bigger. There are various shades of white to choose from in most home depots. The good thing about white is that it is very easy to mix and match with other colors.

These are just a few suggestions that you may consider when picking the perfect shade for your walls. Home decoration can be fussy sometimes but with a simple guide, everything becomes easy. As always, it is important to consider how you would like your home to be perceived by your family and guests before deciding on what shade of paint you should use.

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