Playing with Color – Smart Color For Your Home

There is a lot that goes into home decoration. You have to think about floors, windows, accent pieces, furniture, linen and a number of other details. Color plays a unique role in your decoration plans because you can use it virtually everywhere. The colors you choose to employ will depend on your own personal style and your family’s lifestyle. Your location also matters when you’re choosing your palette. For example, if you’re decorating a beach house, you might want to go with white walls and light blue accents to mimic the sea. In a mountain home, earth tones might bring in the natural colors that are found outside your own walls.

Start with the largest spaces in your home, which are the walls and the floors. The type of flooring you use in your home decoration plans can offer a solid base. If you are using hardwoods or tiles, you’ll have a neutral canvas from which to start. You might want to use carpet instead, and start with a little color on your floors. The walls can be painted dramatically or subtly. Some people paint three out of four walls in one neutral color and then do something really bright with the fourth wall. Think of an eye-catching red or a pumpkin-hued orange.

Once you have the walls and the flooring decided, you can add color through your furnishings, appliances, artwork and accessories. Whether you want something minimalist or eclectic, color is a big part of how you present your home to the world. A brown sofa is just a brown sofa until you add a few throw pillows in powder blue. Your white kitchen cabinets can get lost in white walls until you put shiny platinum hardware on them. Have fun with your home decoration plans, and play a bit with color.

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