How to Give a New Look to your Dressing Table

In case you are getting tired of your dressing table and you were planning to throw it away, you should reconsider that thought before you read this post. Your old dressing table can get a whole new dimension and style if you use a little bit of creativity. By remodeling your dressing table you can provide your bedroom with a whole new focal point. By repainting your dressing table you will provide it with a whole new appeal and style. If you were wondering how can you do that, follow the ideas below, that we have gathered in order to get you inspired.

1. Black and White Stripped Dressing Table

Turn your old pale dressing table into a new and fancy black and white classy table. This is a cool idea of how you can turn your old dressing table into a new stylish one. This is a easy way to provide your dressing table with a new style.

Black and White Stripped Dressing Table

2. Dazzling Artwork on the Dressing Table

Bored from the old blank dressing table? Well this is the right solution for you. Apply a super creative art sticker on it and you will get a whole new inspiring dressing table.

3. Paint the Dressing Table in color that will match the other elements

Your old dressing table was mismatched with the other elements in the room? – By simply repainting your old dressing table in matching color, you will provide the room with harmony and style.

4. Paint the shelves into matching colors

This is a great example of how you can provide your old dressing table with a new fresh look, by painting the shelves in a pastel and elegant colors.

5. Paint your Dressing Table in urban and stylish way

Provide your dressing table with an urban and stylish note by applying a splash of colors.

If you have other ideas that would be helpful, be sure to leave them in the comments section below.

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