Top 10 Window blinds and shades for your home

Adding an appropriate window treatment in your home is imperative in order to create a functional and pleasant home. The window blinds will provide you with intimacy, protect you from light and will bring a decorative accent in your home. The design of the window blind or shade will determine the style of your home, for that reason you should pay attention while choosing one. We’ve gathered a list of various window blinds and shade design in order to get you inspired.

1. Artistic geometrical window shade design

Here is an example of a very creative and artistic window shade that will provide your home with an interesting and stylish note.

2. Charming vintage window blinds for kitchen

These vintage striped window blinds will add a retro and cozy note in your kitchen.

3. Colorful printed blind design

These colorful printed blinds can provide your living room with a really lively and fresh note. The playful design may be perfect fit for you if you strive to create a fresh and friendly living room.

4. Creative transparent window blinds design

This dark transparent blind may add a specific contemporary and modern touch to your home.

5. Elegant black and white floral window blinds

A really classy and elegant blinds with black and white floral design will surely add to the beauty of your home.

6. Formal brown window shade design

These dark brown shades will for sure create a formal and contemporary ambiance in your kitchen.

7. Green bedroom window blinds design

These lime green blinds may be a perfect choice for your bedroom, if you want to create a fresh and sophisticated ambiance.

Green bedroom window blinds design

8. Homey beige window blinds design

These eggshell white blinds are perfect for creating a sophisticated and cozy living room.

9. Rattan shade design

The rattan shades will help you to provide your home with a fresh coastal note.

10. White window blinds for your kitchen

Elegant white window blinds will provide your kitchen with a clean and natural note.

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