12 Tips to Renovate and make the most of your Attic

An attic is a place that need not necessarily have to look like a scary room full of ghosts where young kids will think a thousand times before putting their feet! If you are renovating your house, and your attic is in pathetic condition, it is a must that you do something to bring positive changes in your attic. Look below and get the top 12 tips to renovate and make the most of your attic:

1. Cozy bedroom attic idea

In case your attic is lying vacant and is not much of a pretty place where you can entertain guests, it is best to convert such a place into a warm and cozy bedroom, either meant for one or two. Seen below is a picture of a bedroom attic that has brought in some pleasant changes for the owners. From the rooftop, curtains to the bed and linen, everything is done up in bright white that looks soothing and pleasant.

2. Living room attic idea

Looking at this picture, who could have guessed that the room is originally an attic…yes..does it ring a bell??? A place so gloomy, even Charlie Chaplin wont laugh staying there! But, this modified attic is now more of a pleasant seating room where one can chill and entertain guests as well. There is a wooden mirrored cupboard and some cool and trendy looking furniture to bring some brightness into the attic.

3. Wallpapered attic idea

If your attic is not that great and appears haunted, you can use wallpaper on the whole walls and ceilings with textured wallpaper or colored ones as per your likes. In the picture, the attic has been converted from a boring Jane to a sultry diva with light colored wallpaper and a beautiful bed.

4. Game room attic idea

The whole attic has been transformed into a perfect gaming room with colorful sofas, a billiards table and bright colored cushions and covers. The owners have brought in warmth and vibrancy by fixing three lamps, all in three different directions that add glamor to the whole room. Now you can have fun while in the attic!

5. Bar attic idea

The red vibrant colors present in the attic will make anyone swoon with joy and more so when you have a mini bar area attached to the room apart from a cool sitting area and a big LCD TV. The lighting used in the attic makes the room look warm and comfortable. There is a small dining table too in case you wish to feast while you drink your wine!

6. Loft bed and library attic idea

The small attic as seen in the image is converted very nicely to fit in a loft bed and a small library meant for a single person. The whole attic area looks comfortable and quite cozy.

7. Sexy media room attic idea

Those that like to watch television and movies, but with certain amount of style, converting their attics into a media room is the best choice. The attic room in the image looks beautiful and quite smart wherein one can hold get togethers as well as formal conferences. The furniture chosen also makes an impression like the one shown here. There is a giant palm shaped chair made of wood that steals the show. Also, the decor matches with the coloring of the room, making it appear fabulous.

8. Orange living room attic idea

Orange is one color that can add glamor to any gloomy room. Here, the attic doesn’t look any less than a beautiful living room that must be enjoyed at all times. With some natty furniture, bright cushions, television, rug and a green plant, the attic couldn’t have looked hotter than it is!

9. Angled wall attic bedroom idea

Who could ever leave this bedroom for anything in this world? Well, the bedroom was previously an attic but with some changes, it has been transformed completely. The whole look is serene with white and cream as the main colors. The room looks even smarter, since on one side the wall is built in an angular fashion that adds to the style and makes the room look big and spacious.

10. Kid’s room attic idea

Another cool way to transform your boring attic is to convert it into your child’s living or bedroom together with playroom. As you can see in the picture below, the owners have changed the look of the attic by merging their child’s bedroom and bath together. With this change, the room not only looks more warm and nice, but also offers lots of space to move around. With this kind of room, am sure your kid would never want to leave it!

11. Workplace attic idea

This attic renovation idea works well with those who would like to work from home. The attic area can be converted into a very comfortable work place with proper planning. Seen here is a workplace attic that has accommodated everything that is needed to carry out official duties like a computer, a seating place and cabinets. In whole, the attic couldn’t have looked better than this.

12. Daybed with storage facility attic idea

The attic is a place that must be put to maximum use. Here in the image, the attic’s look has been changed to a more serene looking day bedroom that can be used by anyone and also for storing items underneath the bed. There is a storage cabinet just under the bed. This is done to remove any clutter and to make the attic appear bright.

Attics in your homes need not be poorly lit rooms meant only for dumping your unused goods. While renovating your homes, keep in mind that a good attic is as important as any other room. With these 12 tips, you can most surely make your attics comfortable and pleasing places.

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