Top 20 Ideas To Choose Wallpapers For Your Home

Wallpapers have been in fashion for a very long time since the eighties, but, it is only in the recent times that we have seen these coming back in people’s homes in a massive way. I would say wallpapers have had a resurrection and are now spotted in every home around the globe. How would you like to know more about these as I am now going to present to you a list comprising the top 20 wallpaper ideas to decorate your homes? Well…do not waste time and read below!

1. Contemporary wallpaper idea

The wallpaper seen in the image looks quite modern and very chic in appearance with a fresh coating of paint and white floral patterns that look elegant. The white floral designs match the chair and the white decor of the room, making it look sophisticated and very ethereal.

2. Chic black wallpaper idea

The bedroom’s uniqueness gets enhanced with a very attractive and shimmery black wallpaper fixed on the wall behind the bed. The patterns printed on the wallpaper are modern in style and gel perfectly with the dark theme of the bedroom.

3. Fabulous hand painted botanical wallpaper idea

With a massive exquisite chandelier adorning the room, there isn’t a chance no one will notice how beautiful it looks. The beauty of this room gets accentuated with beautiful hand painted flowers and leaves that look artistic and real. The walls in between the huge ‘floor to ceiling’ windows are adorned with these wallpapers that lend a very subtle charm.

4. Eco friendly wallpaper idea

Eco friendly wallpapers are in vogue these days since people do not want to get ill using others that are layered and colored with harmful chemicals. Now a days, most designers are coming forward with Eco friendly wallpapers that are safe to be used and do not cause pollution. Seen below is a popular ‘All of us together’ themed wallpaper which is printed using ‘pottok’ and is made using recycled paper. It can exemplify the look of a modern space and appear very chic.

5. Fiber wallpaper idea

Natural materials are always welcome when choosing wallpapers since these are safe and are also Eco friendly. The best part about using these materials is that they lend a very cool look and feel to your homes. The walls of this house are plastered with jute and sisal wallpaper, gelling nicely with the interiors. The wallpaper is simple and very refreshing to the eyes.

6. Gorgeous striped wallpaper idea

Stripes always look good anywhere and more so in wallpapers. This purple and reddish striped wallpaper awakens your vacant wall to transform it into a feature that ought to be ogled at! Yes, the design would look cool horizontal or vertical. The color used on the wallpaper lends a classy style to the room.

7. Amazing art deco wallpaper idea

Art deco wallpapers have a subtle charm to them as these reflect the designs used and loved by designers from the early twenties and thirties. The wall in the image has been decorated with modern art deco work that is printed with round motifs in black and silver white. The design is awesome in appearance and adds style.

8. Exquisite glass bead wallpaper idea

It is not without some reason that the glass beaded wallpapers look shimmery and glow. These wallpapers are made with materials that contain small beads made of glass that are usually located on the surface and are contributors to the shimmer that can be seen. A room, such as this one, gets a gorgeous makeover with subtle floral patterned wallpaper plastered on its wall that seems to shine when the light from the lampshade falls on it.

9. Metallic tinged wallpaper idea

Metallic accents in wallpapers lend a very stylish look to your room. The wall seen here is plastered with silvery green and grey metallic toned floral designs that look exquisite against the decor. The metallic hints on the wallpaper adds a shimmering touch and makes the room look bigger.

10. Budget friendly paintable wallpaper idea

If you plan on saving some money on redoing the walls of your homes, I would suggest you opt to plaster your walls with paintable wallpapers that are economical and give you the freedom to paint any design or motif as desired. In the image, the wall behind the bed has been plastered with a roll of grayish green wallpaper that is paintable. On it, there is hung a wall deco that accentuates the beauty of the wallpaper.

11. Magnificent damask wallpaper idea

If you are a fan of rich patterned designs on wallpapers that are made of silk or other fibrous materials, you can buy damask wallpapers to adorn your walls. Originated in Damascus, these wallpaper designs are exquisite and full of ornamental motifs. In the picture is seen a living room whose walls have been plastered with stunning damask wallpaper that is printed with gorgeous motifs inked in gold and white.

12. Amazing autumn forest 3D wallpaper idea

Wallpapers, like the one seen in the image below make the room look bigger and more close to natural surroundings. The wall behind the green couch is plastered with a very realistic looking forest designed wallpaper and is three dimensional. The 3D effect created by this design makes the room look spacious and very earthly.

13. Graphic wall lettered wallpaper idea

The wall behind the bed has been decorated with eye popping graphic letters printed all over the wall. The letters are all bold and black, lending a very trendy look to the whole bedroom. These type of wallpapers are best suited for any kind of room as these look modern.

14. Colorful wallpaper idea

It is not always that you end up liking tinted or metallic colored wallpapers in your homes. Sometimes, your eyes need to feel a splash of colors too, raining down your hallway to cheer your senses. This is what is happening here with this vibrant wallpaper that is a mix of varied colors that make the room look vivacious and fresh.

15. Framed wallpaper headboard idea

You can drive all attention to your master bed by framing the wall with a headboard and then plastering it with a designer wall mural or wallpaper. In the picture is a stunning wallpaper framed within a headboard that looks gorgeous with cream and gold tinted floral motifs. Such a feature helps providing an accent to the beauty of the room.

16. Matching wallpaper idea

In order to pep up the look of your room, you can match the color of the wallpaper on the walls with that of linen and pillows. The bedroom’s wall is plastered with very colorful green colored wallpaper that offers a perfect match with the bed sheet spread on the bed.

17. Pretty blue sky ceiling wallpaper idea

It is not just the walls behind beds or couches that should be wall papered. Your ceilings too need to look good for you to feel great. Hence, one can take the help of this idea that makes one’s roof one hell of a looker! The ceiling in this room is plastered with pretty blue wallpaper with birds and clouds, thereby lending a very fresh and colorful look.

Pretty blue sky ceiling wallpaper idea

Image credit: hgtvremodels

18. Cool polka dot wallpaper idea

Polka dotted wallpapers add a funky style to a room, especially teenager’s bedrooms by bringing freshness and color inside. The walls of this room are fitted with pink and black polka dots that are big and accent the charm. These dots offer a good contrast with the white painted walls.

19. Bright ikat wallpaper idea

The wallpaper used on the wall of this nursery is ikat in design and looks very cute. Ikat is a very popular material used for fabrics as well as for decorating walls. The orange, blue and green colored wallpaper looks cool and very bright. It lends a trendy touch too.

20. Ming Circus Asian wallpaper idea

If you happen to love Chinese or Asian style of living room decor, choosing the wallpaper as shown below will definitely satisfy you. The colorful Ming Circus wallpaper plastered on the wall looks dazzling with Chinese acrobats shown doing different kinds of stunts on print. The wallpaper is very attractive and brings cheerfulness in the room.

How did you all enjoy going through my post that listed the top 20 wallpaper ideas to choose for decorating your homes? I guess, you must have fallen in love with at least a few of them as these wallpaper ideas are loved by people from all across the globe. Some of these are extravagant, while others are simple, yet funky. Wallpapers add style and panache to any room. One must not shy away from decorating their homes with colorful wallpapers as these are always in fashion and will stay so for many more years to come.

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