18 Modern Staircases For Your Home

Staircases are not just meant to reach the next storey of your house, but, are now a days used extensively for storage too. Many of these new age staircases look extraordinary with mind blowing designs to suit everyone’s fancy. Most of these are modern in style and add glamor to any house. Gone are the days when your home needed just a plain looking metal or wooden staircase that was dull to look at and had no style. Take a look below as I write about the top 18 staircases that are contemporary and will boggle your senses.

1. Carpeted helical staircase with wooden railing

Helical staircases such as this one have a more uniform look and are supported by railings on either sides. Seen below is a dark wooden and metallic staircase that is carpeted with velvety grey rug and is supported by roundel wooden railings on both the sides. The stairs are wide and allow for more comfort when climbing as these aren’t steep. There are sleek steel rods inserted in the middle of the outer part of the staircase that makes it appear durable and very long lasting.

2. Modern pine box staircase

If you are someone that wishes to do away with the problem of too much space consumption that gobbles your precious living area, here is your chance to build a staircase that would occupy only a small portion of your home and will also lend a feel of depth and steepness of height when you take the stairs to the next level. The Swedish interior design company called TAF arkitektkontor is a pioneer in making staircase as this one in complete blocks of pine wood. Such wood is durable and the design looks quite futuristic with treads built at various angles.

3. Bird’s Nest Suspended Staircase

The design of the staircase seen below will create a confusing pattern in your brain, and you would have to look closely whether the staircase is made of steel or wood as there is a haphazard designing done with bars made of steel, while the inside of it is made of wooden planks. The whole look of this staircase resembles a bird’s nest that has been suspended from the branch of a tree and looks three dimensional.

4. Modern wooden staircase with carved railing

Yes, the design is quite warm and royal in looks with the whole staircase being built up in wood, right from the tread that is made of thick wood, to the railing and balusters that are intricately carved. The handrail is extensively carved and looks quite elegant.

5. Modern and open floating staircase

The floating staircases are much in demand this year as these look quite contemporary and also lend a bigger feel to a room. Seen here is a steel staircase that is open and seems to float in thin air as there are no railings or treads to give it a more closed look. One can see the working table located towards the corner as there are no barriers to view the surroundings.

6. Modern and innovative ribbon staircase

The stairs in the image looks as if a black and white ribbon has been fixed as a staircase to reach the top level of this house. It is a floating staircase but is made out of a single piece of metal and replicates a ribbon. There is absence of railings that lend it a floating look.

7. Modern spiral colorful staircase

The colorfully designed staircase of this house looks gorgeous and bright as its made of a variety of colors that lend it a unique appearance. The shape is spiral that makes it look geometrical and quite a fun activity to climb. The planks are made of metal and are sturdy. The bright colored staircase matches well with the colorful flooring in the room.

8. Modern wallpapered staircase

Aesthetic designs are loved when you think of decorating your homes. It is so true for staircases as well as these are an important part of any house and must not be overlooked. In the image is a beautifully designed staircase that has black and white floral motifs imprinted on the front portion of the white stairs, lending it a very creative look. The white and black color offers an attractive contrast with the pure white used in the rest of the portions.

9. Disappearing staircase

Modern homes need modern designs and elements to keep up with the futuristic needs of people. Seen below is a unique staircase design that tends to disappear when not in use. With the help of modern day technological machines like pistons and buttons, one can make this staircase appear when needed and vanish into thin air when the work is over. The stairs seem to be built inside the wall and take position slowly when one pushes a button to open these up. A very creative piece indeed!

10. Modern glass staircase

The glass staircase design seen below looks glamorous and matches with the wooden floor of the room. The stairs are made of sturdy glass supported by thick metallic blocks for good support. The hand railing and balusters are made of metal that look shiny and accentuate the appearance of the glass stairs. The staircase, at first may seem to appear delicate, but it isn’t the case as the glass planks are thick and will last for a long time.

11. Extravagant curved floating glass staircase

A very good choice for any living space is this designer glass based staircase that seems to float in thin air and resembles the diagram of DNA of a human in every way. This unique idea looks good for such homes that are designed on futuristic plans. The staircase planks are made of wood and are supported by transparent glass railing and baluster. It looks curvaceous and quite stunning.

12. Magnificent dark brown staircase with glass railing

The top railing is made of wood while the rest of the baluster is made of nifty glass and this lends a very classy touch to the whole room.

13. Wooden spiral staircase with ribbon railing

Such a staircase ought to be given the first prize if ever a competition is held and the winner has to be announced since it looks modern and a delight in every possible way with its glossy wooden finish present in its planks, tread, baluster and the railing that resembles a ribbon. The shape is spiral in design that makes it look deliciously curvaceous.

14. Modern staircase with custom designed ribbon like rail

The staircase design seen here looks every bit ‘an artist’s’ installation as it is very chic in appearance and catches one’s attention at first glance. The metallic strands used as rails or baluster give the impression of a number of ribbons that are organized rather haphazardly to give a free flowing look. The handrail too is made of the metal and looks like an elongated ribbon. The rest of the staircase is made of dark wood and compliments the light metallic sheen.

15. Modern metal helical staircase

Helical staircases are good to look at and are circular in shape. The metal helical staircase shown below looks quite contemporary in its design with metal handrail and glass balustrades that look glamorous and gel well with treads made of stone. The nosing and the riser too are made of stone and add a glossy touch.

16. Sensual and modern Staircase

Staircases as the one seen below are sensuous to look as these are different than your usual kind of stairs that are boring and dull. The board lines seen in brown, etched all over the house seem to continue and rather get bolder when they extend themselves towards the beginning of the staircase and appear as if a brown wave is about to rise and offer you an open pathway to heaven! The graphic designs used add a different angle altogether.

17. Modern staircase for small home

For smaller homes, you need furniture and fittings that occupy lesser space and the staircase seen below suits this small area well. The light wooden laminated staircase has storage facilities under it wherein there are cabinets attached to store a variety of items like baskets, linen and other such stuff. It looks quite elegant with light broad steps with railing and sleek looking strips of metal balustrade.

18. Modern wrought iron staircase with glass rail

Wrought iron looks great wherever it is used and here too, it helps in accentuating the glamor of the room with this beautifully built staircase that is spiral in design with steps made of ornamentally designed wrought iron. The handrail is bordered with the same while the body of the rail is made of pure transparent glass. The spiral steps look delicate but are sturdy.

These days, one should never loose out on designing staircases of his or her home as there are plenty of styles available that are modern in appearance and add a zing to the way one lives. Staircases, these days are not just a medium to reach the upper levels or other areas of a home. These have become the highlight when one designs his house. Fancy staircases like the ones shown in the post are architectural marvels crafted by many well known designers and hence, ought to be installed for accentuating the glamor quotient of a house. Look and see what catches your attention and you never know when you start like to climb stairs rather than take the boring and suffocating lift!

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