12 Brick Wall Ideas For Your Home

Brick has always been a desired choice for most people when designing the walls of their homes. One may ask why? Well, brick walls look astonishing with any kind of decor and add a warm look to any living space. These walls look rustic but at the same time appear stylish, sometimes better in appearance than wooden or plain walls. Come take a look at this post that will list the top 12 brick wall ideas for decorating your homes.

1. Amazing brick wall fireplace

Brick walls look very elegant and stylish with any type of decor. Fireplaces look great when they are built with raw bricks or other stones that lend them a rustic look. The picture shown below is that of a rugged looking fireplace whose walls are built of bricks and appear very elegant. The fireplace with wooden mantels is built with raw bricks that gel well with the light brown decor.

2. Rustic brick wall idea for living room

Brick walls accentuate the elegance of any living space just like the living room seen below where the wall behind the couch is built of raw bricks. The raw appeal of the bricked wall creates a warm feeling with decor to die for. The arch lamp installed at one corner looks good along with the white and black couch. The beauty of the wall gets complimented as a part of it is designed with white wall art.

3. Colorful brick wall idea for home

Any living area would look glamorous with a bricked wall forming an elegant backdrop just as you can see in the image where the living area gets a new look by implementing a little change in the color of the wall behind the white television cabinet. Instead of having simple rugged bricks, the designer has installed colored bricks that make the whole wall appear bright and artistic. With different array of shades splashed on the bricked wall, the room appears cheerful.

4. Awesome exposed brick wall for gym

Want your house to have an incomparable look? Well, get the walls of any room built of bricks and you will see magic happening! This is what can be experienced in the gym of this house where the walls have been built of uniquely patterned bricks of brown color. The tones present on the walls match perfectly with the wooden floor and the light cream roof.

5. Artistic brick wall idea for home

The brick wall seen below looks artistic and very elegant with a retro look presented by the innumerable paintings, a modern painting frame and a bicycle framed on it. It is also a great way of showcasing art work on the wall. The look of the bricked wall is rustic with no polishing done which lends it a distinct appeal.

6. Elegant brick wall idea for living room

With an elegant looking wall made of simple bricks, there is no chance you would feel bored sitting inside this awesomely designed living area that appears cozy and compact with elegant settings and decor. The wall is made of pure bricks that are left unpolished and look good with paintings hung on them. The white colored couch looks smart and compliments the brick wall and wooden floor.

7. Natural brick wall idea with dim lighting

The walls, both in the interior as well as exterior look quite elegant and are built of bricks. The area or wall near the fireplace too is made of bricks that makes the whole room appear divine with diffused lighting that makes it glow.

8. Awesome home office brick wall idea

The room in the image has been converted into a compact office area where the walls behind the working area are designed in rust colored bricks, lending a natural rustic look. The bricked wall looks awesome with the dark wooden work cabinet and the light wooden floor. The window stationed in the middle of the wall looks elegant too.

Awesome home office brick wall idea

Image credit: associerge

9. Basement play zone with brick wall idea

The gaming room stationed right down in the basement of this house looks smartly designed with an awesome color combination seen on the bricked walls and the choice of furniture for the bar area. The wall facing the pool table and the bar has been built of natural exposed bricks and this is what makes the room appear friendly and very cozy. The ‘brick effect’ gets accentuated with proper bright lighting.

10. Unique bedroom with brick wall idea

The bedroom below looks quite charming as one can see a blend of various colors present on the walls. While, one portion of the wall is built of colorful tiles, the wall behind the beds are built of exposed bricks, making the room appear cozy and inviting. The laminated floor adds to the appeal.

11. Kitchen back splash brick wall idea

Bricks lend a very unique touch to any space in a house, and your kitchen is not left behind when thinking of designing walls with bricks. Seen here is a compact kitchen where bricks have been used on the back splash without any polish. This rugged look blends well with the steel chimney and other modern kitchen appliances installed.

12. Elegant exposed brick wall idea for living room

The decor seen in the living room is contemporary with modern furniture and accessories anchored all around. The walls inside the room are made of exposed bricks and look very elegant indeed. The huge dark windows add to the beauty of the walls and so does the lighting that offers brightness. The brown decor looks cozy and warm.

Bricks are an ultimate choice for such people that love to imbibe elegance along with style when designing their homes. Brick walls are very popular and match any type of setting. The post above lists many such brick wall ideas that would help you choose the best and redefine your style.

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