18 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes –  Geometric designs look very chic and add an artistic touch to even a bland looking room. The shapes of triangles and circles are quite commonly seen imprinted on fabrics of bed spreads, upholstery and pillows that look stylish and show the creative bent of mind of the people that thought of such cool ideas. Lets take a look at the top 18 creative decorating ideas that imbibe geometric patterns that look dazzling.

1. Creative wall in geometric patterns

One way to decorate your homes with geometric shapes is to paint the walls of your dwelling places with bold and colorful geometric patterns such as the one that you can see below. The walls of this living room have been painted using colors like yellow and red to print geometric shapes like squares and rectangles. The effect crested by these patterns is three dimensional and accentuates the decor’s beauty.

2. Round pumpkin geometric decoration for homes

When it comes to decorating homes with geometric designs, pumpkins just happen to bubble up inside our minds! Well, pumpkins are a typical accessory to be seen anchored on most porches during Halloween and this is the best time when one can decorate their homes with some scariest looking roundel pumpkins that are just too cute to adorn your homes. The pumpkins seen here are circular and have been designed with various prints, all adding up to the festive spirit!

3. Circular geometric wallpaper decorative idea for homes

In the image below, there is seen a beautifully designed wall with geometric patterned wallpaper in tones of blue and white. The plain blue background of the wall paves way for creating a great contrasting effect when circles in white and sky blue are designed over it. The look is cool and has a calming impact.

4. Awesome geometric decoration idea for homes

The living room of this astonishing looking house has been designed keeping geometric decorative ideas in mind. Right from the roundel iron light fixture, the ornate black and white divider with a huge oval hole, to the furnishings, the designer has taken inspiration from various geometric shapes like circle, rectangle and squares to amalgamate these elements to form an eclectic decor. Even the white patters on the black borders of the divider are geometric in look and so are the squarish designs imprinted over the white carved doors.

5. Black and white geometric lamps decorative idea for homes

Hanging lamps made of paper look very good and can be made easily at home. The image below shows how one can decorate his or her house with these black and white paper lamps that resemble geometric shapes of triangle and a hexagon. These cute little lamps in geometric shapes are perfect decorative pieces for adorning your homes during Christmas or otherwise.

6. Creative geometric shaped pendant light decoration idea

The house seen below gets a cool new look with these lovely looking wooden pendant light fixtures that are geometrical in design. The trendy pendant light fixtures are sleek and very delicate in appearance. The whole finishing is done in light wood that does the trick in enhancing the appeal of these chic lights that offer general lighting inside the house. Looking closely, you would find these fixtures looking like triangles from both the sides.

7. Modern nursery with colorful geometric cube wall art decoration idea

Now a days, one can design the baby room or nursery anyway as one wishes, and seen below is a beautifully decorated nursery where the wall has been designed with a white wall art bearing geometric shaped cubes that are stuck to the main board and are in tones of red, orange and white. These add a lot of color and bring a feel of warmth inside. Also seen is a roundel swing that is chic and looks geometric too.

8. Pretty geometric wall art and fabric decoration idea for bedroom

The bedroom in the image has taken lots of inspiration from geometry with designs of triangles and circles touching almost all the facets around like the colorful geometric patterned wallpaper, the colorful pillows and the white and black patterned bed spread. All the shapes lend a balanced look with colors like black, white, pink, blue and yellow gelling together and offering a refreshing change to the way the bedroom looks.

9. Red and white Easter egg geometric decorative idea

Easter eggs are usually seen adorning dining areas, porches and living areas and are oval in shape. The picture shows how cute red and white Easter eggs appear when these are decorated on the dining table as a center piece resembling a tree bearing fruits. The project is simple to make at home but accentuates the warmth of the decor and spreads a festive spirit.

10. Blue and white marble geometric decorative pieces

If you are someone that loves to implement geometric shapes in every nook and corner of your home, you can get inspired looking at the image below where the living area has been decorated with blue and white marble decorative pieces arranged besides the wooden tray on the table. The texture and light tones of these shapes lend a fresh look to the decor of the house.

11. Unique geometric patterned wall decoration idea for homes

The wall behind the bed has been designed keeping in mind the mathematics of geometrical shapes. The wall looks bright and very sassy with mustard colored triangles and squares designed in such a way so as to lend a very haphazard look. This unbalanced look adds to the charm and makes the bedroom appear stylish and chic.

12. Geometric terrarium decoration idea for homes

Terrariums are cute glass globes that house some of the most exotic plant life and create quite a style statement. Seen below are geometrically designed wooden framed terrariums that are seen hung from the wooden roof and are also seen placed on a table.

13. Outstanding geometric prints for home decoration idea

Geometric prints, now a days have become a commonly seen feature in any home decoration and why shouldn’t one want their homes to look good with such cool designs that lend an asymmetrical look! The wall besides the staircase has been designed with geometrical prints of various colors that help in lending a touch of glamor to the decor. The prints are designed in different shapes with some being small while others are bigger.

14. DIY geometrical potted golden flower arrangement decorative idea

The beautiful origami planters or pots in geometric designs of pentagons can be placed anywhere inside your homes to add spice and fresh feel to the interiors. The planters can be made at home and so are the flowers in gold. The rich succulent look enhances the look of these planters in white, silver and gold.

15. Colorful geometric wall mural decoration idea for homes

To accentuate the decor or interiors of your living room, you can try decorating your walls using geometric wall art or murals such as the design shown in the image. The large wall behind the trendy looking couch has been adorned with a very bright and colorful wall mural that bears geometric patterns or shapes in various hues, thereby adding a spark to the whole seating area.

16. Stunning geometric patterned chair decoration idea for home

If you wish to bring in some asymmetrical charm to your living areas, geometric patterned furnishings can play a significant role here. The geometrically designed chair as we can see below is splashed with myriad bright colors that would liven up any space in a house. The chair in wood looks simple but stylish at the same time. If placed on one corner of a plain living area, it can add a dramatic touch to the whole decor.

17. Refreshing geometric printed carpet for home decoration idea

Geometric prints can add fresh look to any room and can cheer up the corners that otherwise would have looked plain. These days, many designers are coming up with new carpet styles that imbibe lot of geometric prints like the one seen in the image. The carpet spread on the wooden flooring of this living area bears different kinds of geometrical shapes in white and blue that lend a surreal touch to the decor and make the area calm and quite relaxing.

18. Zigzag geometric patterned tiles decoration idea

Bathrooms of a home must look vibrant just like any other area and geometric printed tiles on your bathroom’s wall can electrify the decor and make you want to never leave it! The fresh looking bathroom below appears even more refreshing because of the white and green zigzag geometrical patterned tiles fitted on the wall, both above the sink area as well as below.

You must have got it by now that why geometrical designs are so very much in demand these days. All of the above decorative ideas are simple and some of them can be implemented at homes like the planters or the paper lampshades. These designs are innovative and quite unusual. One can take hints from the listed ideas and start bringing some changes!

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