Top 10 Interior Color Trend For Cozy Living Room

Naturally, the colors in the living room are the main indicator of the specific style and the energy that will be essential in the apartment. The colors are tremendously important and have a major influence on our mood, because they have the power to filtrate and reflect different energy in the room. In case you were planing to refresh the paint in your living room, and you were wondering which paint to choose, you are at the right place. In the following article we are going to present you the newest color trends for cozy and pleasant living room.

1. Pink and White Living Room

White is the best basic color that will provide your living room with fresh energy and combined with subtle pink the room will get warm and pleasant scent.

The dark orange is best known color for providing warm and cozy energy and with white basic you will achieve perfect balance in your living room.

3. Fresh Green and White Living Room

Perfect combination for achieving a fresh and cozy effect in the living room.

4. Charming Lime Green Living Room

With this combination of two cold colors your living room will look fresh and cheerful. It is advisable to paint your living room with cold colors, because they are reflecting cheerful energy.

5. Neutral White Living Room

White living room is one of the newest trend for 2013 according to all interior designers. This color will bring minimalistic scent into your living room and is perfect for contemporary home.

6. Rouge and White Living Room

This is perfect color for everyone who strive to live in cozy but yet contemporary living room.

7. Ocean Blue Living Room

Ocean Blue is the latest interior color trend, and if you are fond of cold colors and fresh, charming scent this color is perfect for you.

8. Dark Beige Living Room

Dark beige is known as positive energy provider according to Feng Shui principles.

9. Subtle Beige Living Room

Great color to bring a neutral and earthy scent into your living room.

10. Black and White Living Room

This combination of colors is perfect for contemporary homes.

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