10 Cool tips and Tricks to Use Space Under the Stairs

The space under your stairways is often left empty and is just another spot that you have to clean it on regular basis. And on the other hand, you keep a lot of usable objects in the attic. So here is an idea, why don’t you use that negative space under the stairs in a creative and practical way. In order to kill two flies with one blow, keep reading the article and see some cool ideas of how you can use the space under the stairs.

1. Under Stairs Home Office

Have you wondered where to put a little home office? Well, why not in the space under the stairs. This is a great way to have a space for your own and use the empty negative space under the stairs.

2. Under Stairs Fire Place

This can be a creative and fun way to gather your family around the fireplace under the stairways.

3. Under Stairs Kitchen

Cool idea for small apartments. This idea will not only provide you with extra space, but it will also beautify the entire look of your home.

4. Under Stairs Library

The space under the stairs in your living room can be a great library. Now you can bring back all those books that were in the attic, because there were no place for them.

5. Under Stairs Hallway Hangers

This is creative and smart way to utilize the space under the stairs in your hallway.

6. Under Stairs Kids Playing Area

This is a very smart way to provide your children with extra place for playing.

7. Under Stairs Reading Corner

Do you feel like you need a place for your own to relax and enjoy in some book. Well what do you say about a private reading corner under the stairs? Pretty cool, right?

8. Under Stairs Decorative Shelves

This can be great idea to put all those extra decorative items that you have in your attic.

9. Under Stairs Drawers

Use the space under the stairways to keep all the things you need near hand.

10. Under Stairs Wine Cabinet

Classy way to use the space under the stairs is to bring all the wines that you keep in your basement and to create a super fancy wine rack.

So what do you think about all the ideas to use the space under the stairs? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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