How to Paint an Elegant and Sober Living

We will see in this post with pictures and explanations like painting a room elegant and understated.

The colors most suitable for this type of decoration are neutral: white, gray, beige, soft creams, browns and soft ivory among the highlights. Using these colors and the combination of them can achieve an elegant and sober.

For example, as you see this room is painted light gray, giving a sense of unity to the whole room and adds a touch of simple elegance.

Same with this other room, the color is very dark brown and not get the same, a touch of serene, tranquil and elegant.
Of course depending on the colors we choose even if they are neutral, we can get different contrasts. We can create the warm, like this show, thanks to the large amount of natural light and the tone is so clear gray which are painted the walls, remains an elegant lounge, sober and warm.

But if in a warm place we are looking for a more cold and metallic, we can get with a darker gray, black and add white to create a perfect harmony between them. As this room.

You see, the walls have a dark shade of gray, some black ons ??

If instead of choosing colors for furniture contrasting with the walls, we chose similar colors, the atmosphere will be equally simple and elegant but somewhat sad and off, as this room.

If you look at the detail of purple flowers and pink and white cushions, the only thing that brings some contrast and joy to this room. Without these details would be a very sad and dull.

Hope these tips will you have decided to choose the color of your room elegant and serene. It’s best idea for elegant and sober of your living room.

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