12 Modern and Unique Dining Table Designs

Much like a bed is important to a bedroom both in terms of functionality and design, so is the dining table important to a dining room. It is, after all, the main element of the said room. A stylishly designed dining table can create the perfect ambiance and set the theme for your subsequent pieces.

So for fans of contemporary designs, here are 12 modern dining table designs that you can choose from.

1. Glass and butterfly legs

The best thing about this design is that it presents a clean and fresh silhouette that is engaging yet easy on the eyes. It is definitely perfect for people who want to keep their dining area visually lightweight. Pair it up with some blocked chairs for a nice contrast.

2. Sliding table legs

How cool is this table with legs that resemble a kiddie slide? Despite its allusion to child’s play thing, this table is far from childish. It’s chic, sleek, and extremely classy.

3. Split in half

This is definitely a unique approach to the traditional and usual dining table designs. The black granite marble top is split in half and connected by a slab of marble that also serves as the area from which the food can be served.

4. Minimalist wood and glass table

Minimalist designs are what’s hot in the field of interior designs nowadays, and dining rooms are no exceptions. This wood and glass table is sleek and non-fussy but its sense of style is accurate to the punch.

5. Elegant white marble and glass top

This design explicitly shows that elegance is not just exclusive to black marble; even white ones can be stylish too! The glass top provides a balance of daintiness to the marble’s structure, while the chairs blend together not just in color but in style as well.

6. Black with gold engravings

Just look at how the gold creates a sparkling contrast with the sleek black table. This design can make your dining room look entirely luxurious and sophisticated at best! Add some gold table accents for more splendid effect.

7. Delicate glass work

The glass work for this dining table is so delicate, it can almost look as if your food is floating in thin air! With this setup, you can either go all the way by using delicate chairs and utensils or go the opposite way with some chunky setup with bright and bold colors.

8. Rich wood and glass

Another contemporary dining table design is this one made of thin glass and rich wood. The best part about this is you can easily pair it up with similar-colored seats and the dining table is all set.

9. Simple yet striking

You might be tempted to ignore this simple dining table in favor of more elaborate ones, but I can tell you that this one can go with any dining room designs that you may already have in your house. With this, you can be sure that not only will you be able to preserve your precious layout, you will also greatly improve it.

10. Rock table stand

Mix modern elements with rustic ones with this table with a roughly carved rock as a table stand. Remember that in design, it is always good to mix and match!

11. Monolith dining table

There is something appealing with this table made of black marble slab and monolith stand. It is almost as if it’s a play of older design elements, made modern by the sleek and simple-yet-functional approach that it employs. Decorating it is not even necessary, because the simple stylishness of the entire table makes up for it all.

12. Modern Japanese-inspired table

The last table on our list is another play on the traditional to produce a fresh modern approach. This modern Japanese-inspired table is made of darkly stained wood that is cut to an elegant perfection. Pair it with similarly stained chairs equipped with stark white cushion, and you have a breathtaking table with subtle design.

Creating a spectacular dining room is easy enough with the right dining table. With a table in place, you can easily set up the chairs, lighting, and other fixtures that are needed to complete your design. Have fun in choosing, and good luck!

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