Top 15 French Dining Room Furniture

Furniture selection plays an important part when you plan to decorate your home. The type of furniture chosen should reflect one’s style. Dining area is the most loved place in the home where you share a hearty meal and laugh with your family members and hence, the furniture chosen should be stylish as well as such that it exudes warmth. These days, French furniture designs are popular and huge in demand. One can choose a large number of furniture designs for their dining rooms to make these look stunning. Please find below the top 15 French dining room furniture that will impress you for sure:

1. White and pure French furniture for dining room

The dining room here looks as if god resides here! Yes, the look of the room is ethereal and very pure with white curtains, dining chairs that look very classy and a wooden French dining table, looking very elegant with the decor and the wall paint. Apart from the dining table and chairs, one can also see a tall side pillar styled table to keep decorative items and also a console table, all in white. The dining area looks mesmerizing.

2. Modern French dining room furniture

This dining room is a perfect place to chill out and spend time with loved ones. The French furniture arranged here looks pure and very elegant. On a closer look, you would see that almost all the features like the upholstery and the curtains are made of a material, known as Toile, typically used in most French styled designs. Also seen here is a dark wooden table, a perfect contrast to the white dining table that lends smartness to the room. The whole style is delicate yet very sexy.

3. Sophisticated French dining room furniture

This French styled kitchen diner appears not just elegant but also very smart. One distinct feature of any French furniture design is the wide usage of delicate and light furniture especially wrought iron that is used to lend space and beauty. Seen here is a smart dining table and chairs. While the dining table is white wooden French design, the chairs are light green made of wrought iron. This contrast makes the dining area look pretty. To compliment the look, the walls of the kitchen are painted with light pinkish color that looks charming. The lampshades and the rest of the decor is white and pastel. This room is a sure shot winner!

4. Chic French dining room furniture

All French furniture designs are very pure and serene to look. Seldom will you find the use of bold colors like red and orange anywhere. Here too, the dining area looks mystical with its whitish beige furniture, curtains and the walls. While, the dining table is made of dark wood, the chairs offer contrast with their white color that lends charm to the room. To compliment the beauty, there is a beautiful candle chandelier fixed on top of the dining area.

5. French oak dining room furniture

This dining room looks smart with its oak furniture designed in French style. The dining table, the chairs and the cabinets are all made of oak wood and look stunning with the wall color as well as the decor.The dining room is quite spacious and there is a wide array of furniture placed herein. But, the room looks neat and not overcrowded.

6. Retro French dining room furniture

If pastels and whites are not your style, here is a cool retro look for your dining area that is as French as the other designs shown so far. The dining table is made of wood and so are the chairs that have white upholstery to offer a good contrasting effect. The look is adopted from French countryside homes that imbibe lots of browns and reds in the decor. The curtains and the cabinets too are matching, offering a relaxed and warm feeling to the guests who come here.

7. Traditional French dining room furniture

The dining room shown here is a classy traditional looking dining area that reminds you of the old days when style was at its peak! The furniture is chunky and looks very smart. One highlight of this fabulous room is the beautiful chest that is whitewashed and looks simply awesome. The furniture matches well with the curtains and the glamorous chandelier.

8. Antique French dining room furniture

If you are a lover of the exotic and luxurious dining area furniture, then French furniture suits your tastes like no other styles or designs. These designs are worth every penny spent and are awesome to look. The dining room seen here is a beautiful place with antique finished wooden center table and chunky looking chairs. These furniture look good with any kind of decor and are exquisite in appearance. The chairs have beautiful carvings on the top that add to their charm.

9. Awesome French dining room furniture

One will simply go berserk looking at this fabulously carved dining table and the exquisite carved chairs to go along with its look. The pastels add to the beauty of the room. Right from the massive golden candle stand to the curtains, everything in the room is stylish. The embellished mirror looks just awesome against the dining table and so does the white chest cabinet with drawers that attract your attention the very first time you set your foot inside the room.

10. Divine French dining room furniture

With this divinity on full display, the viewers are bound to get wooed by the exotic look of this dining room that is decorated with roses and rust colored decor, with a special mention of the exclusive French styled furniture arranged here. While, the dining table is oval in shape, the chairs are made of iron that match well with the white walls and the console table with carved endings. The furniture is exotic and looks very artistic. On the table, there is a pretty centerpiece that will beguile you and so will the chandelier and the massive ornamental candle stands that add a splash of oomph everywhere in the room.

11. Smart French dining room furniture

This kind of look would make any person swell with happiness and a sense of pride. The design of the furniture is French and looks very smart and elegant. The dining table is made of thick wood and so are the chunky looking chairs. The furniture is quite durable and steady. People who want to keep their furniture intact for a long time, this style suits them best as it is easy to maintain and cool to look.

12. Beautiful French countryside dining room furniture

The countryside homes have always fascinated me and I would love to decorate my house as per this design for sure! French designs are lavish and elaborate. In the image, the countryside look has been brought alive with the usage of a rectangular long table along with simple wooden chairs that look smart and rugged too. The two big chairs on each corner look pretty with frills. The dark wooden cabinet adds to the contrast and makes the room warm and cozy. There is a huge ‘cock-a-doodle-doo’ centerpiece placed in the middle that adds to the beauty. From the dark red painted walls to the lamps and curtains, the whole decor is rustic but very gorgeous in appearance.

13. Timeless French dining room furniture

If I ever decorate my dining room, it would surely be something on the lines that you can all see below that depicts a dining area that looks timeless and exotic with this wide array of exotic French furniture. I simply love the curved lines, the soft colors and the embellishments that French furniture have in plenty. Seen here is a beautiful mahogany table with leaves, but, the USP of this room has to be the magnificent Lyre designed chairs that look exquisite. Also, the table can be adjusted to change size as there is a technique inbuilt to make changes as per one’s needs.

14. Unique gray French dining room furniture

The furniture design is unique since it is not the usual white that most French furniture designs are. The color chosen is gray and metallic in look. But, the carved chairs and table are all typically French and look very regal against the light colored walls. The Chester drawer cabinets too look durable and smart with metallic colored lamps placed on both sides.

15. Exotic French dining room furniture

Light colored walls and white antique French furniture of this dining room make it a unique place where one can relax. The whole decor is white and looks pure. The designer has converted the conservatory or glass house into a beautiful dining area where exotic meets new grounds! The floor is stone finished and matched well with the furniture that is painted with light cream color. Also unique are the lanterns, a massive mirror, lamp, spot lights that add glamor to the whole room. The feel is intimate and pure.

French styled furniture is an all time popular choice for homeowners that want their houses to feel like homes…homes that become warm and cozy places when they are decorated with suave and stylish French furniture. From simple, elegant to more flamboyant, French styled furniture looks great in all kinds of decor and settings. With this top 15 list of French furniture designs for dining rooms at your perusal, I am sure you will not face any dilemma when thinking of decorating your dining spaces. Go for any since all are good and will transform your dining into a smart place…a place where you can unwind!

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