15 Outdoor Hanging Chairs for Your Home

There are days when one needs a little space and feels like curling up by oneself in a little corner of the home. In my opinion there can be no better piece of furniture than a hanging chair which can not only offer you the much needed privacy but also ample comfort to spend some utterly blissful moments in absolute relaxation. If you have a large backyard or a garden, it makes sense to utilize the area by adding a few hanging chairs and instantly up the glamor quotient of the space. I am certain that the below mentioned list of outdoor hanging chairs will inspire you enough to try them out in your backyard or garden.

1. Peacock motif hanging chair

It’s made of durable and weather resistant rattan material this chair deserves pride of place in your garden. The chair which has a lovely peacock motif woven into its back is an absolute statement piece. The two drink holders on the sides serve a practical purpose. The wide base and the curved canopy provide a very comfortable seating experience.

2. Knotted metal hanging chairs

Made of metal, this vibrant chair comes alive in a burst of colors. The hippie-inspired look of this chair can bring to life even the dullest of porches. Place this chair in the midst of sedate surroundings where its beauty would be further enhanced. A series of dream catchers run from one end to the other adding that bit of extra detailing to an otherwise perfect hanging chair.

3. Sphere hanging chair

This chair which draws inspiration from the ball chair offers the ultimate roomy experience. The openness of the chair ensures that you do not feel hemmed in; rather the elements have a free play giving you an airy feeling when perched on this throne. Made of resistant rattan this chair is designed to withstand any form of bad weather. Place a cushion and have a ball of a time in this ball chair.

4. Tent hanging chair

The tent chair is constructed of a material which is designed to resist bad weather so you have no problems hanging it outside. It is provided with a zip so when you feel the world intruding too much, you can simply pull the zip on the rest of the world and just be with yourself. This is going to be a hit with the kids for sure with the children having a gala time climbing in and out of this tent chair.

tent hanging chair

Are you looking for a two-seater hanging chair? Well then your search ends right here with this fabulous 2-seater where you and your beloved can share some cozy moments. This free-standing two-seater chair in white looks so lovely and inviting. The cushions in printed flowers add a nice feminine touch to the whole get-up.

6. Curved hanging chair

This curved chair has a unique design in the sense that the shape of the seat is a bit asymmetrical almost resembling that of a leaf unlike normal hanging chairs which is generally round or oval in shape. The chair is contoured well to suit the shape of a person’s body. A comfy cushion will provide a snug experience.

7. Rainbow colored hanging chair

This is one vibrant chair where it seems all the colors of the rainbow are assembled in one place. The geometric patterns and the bright colors are guaranteed to lift up any dull space. From the looks of it, it looks quite comfy too.

8. Circle shaped chair

This circle shaped hanging chair is a stunning piece of furniture. The material used is rattan which is interwoven closely together to form a mesh like structure providing strength and durability to the entire frame. A couple of white cushions occupy it to give a wonderful seating experience. Place it in your garden to create a lovely contrast with the overall greenery of the place.

9. Contemporary Hanging Chair

These contemporary set of hanging chairs in black are truly bold and vivacious. Being a stand-alone piece of furniture makes it extremely portable, thus you can change its placing every now and then. The canopy is not too large allowing you maximum exposure to the sun which is especially needed on a cold winter day.

10. Hanging Rattan Chair

The frame of this chair consists of a strong aluminum tube over which the rattan is woven very nicely. This chair is made of a sturdy weatherproof material that is designed to resist all sorts of inclement weather. The matching grey cushions look comfortable, inviting one for a quick nap.

11. Bird-nest Hanging Chair

This breathtaking piece of outdoor hanging furniture resembles that of a bird’s nest very closely. Made of basalt, this hanging chair is surely going to wow your friends with its stunning design. The chair is roomy enough for a person to sleep comfortably in. After all, what more could one want?

12. Egg-shaped Chair

This egg shaped hanging chair looks so cool and stylish. Shaped like an egg this chair is designed simply yet stylishly. The interior and the exterior in contrasting colors make it decidedly more attractive. A fiery red cushion matches the walls of the inside of this chair while the matte-like white finish on the outside gives it a decidedly classy look.

13. Bubble Chair

The bubble chair is a bit similar to the ball chair, the only difference being that this chair is totally transparent. It is made entirely of acrylic with a steel ring supporting the frame. The total transparency of this chair allows you to look right through it. This is a very simply designed chair but it is beautiful in a minimalistic manner.

14. Sea Urchin Hanging Chair

This hanging chair takes its name from the sea urchin which the chair resembles strongly in terms of looks. The outside of the chair might look a bit rough but the inside is padded well to offer a cushiony comfort to a person looking for some quiet and relaxation. Around 8000 cable ties are tied to each other to achieve that perfect spiny look for the exterior.

15. Dual siting Wicker Chair

This 2-seater chair is ideal to spend some cozy moments for a couple very much in love. Made of wicker this chair looks strong and sturdy and it should be so considering that the seating capacity is for two persons. The rust resistant frame ensures that this chair can be placed comfortably outside without you having to worry about it.

These floating beauties instantly liven up the space where they are placed. Choose a comfortable chair where you can curl up with a book or just take a quick nap as you enjoy a warm sunny day.

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