Top 10 Interior Design Trends

In the society that we are living, everything is changing tremendously fast and the patterns of what is modern at time are very very vulnerable. Like with everything else, the interior trends are also very changeable and vary from year to year. Therefore in this year there are new interior rules and inspiration that are going to be on the top of modern interiors. Consequently, we are going to introduce you to couple of modern interior examples and in case you were planing to renovate this may be quite helpful to you.

1. African Zebra Interior

The African -jungle pattern will have eminent role in interior trend this year. The exotic safari touch is on the list of the most hottest interiors for 2013.

2. Contemporary Art Interior

Contemporary art is obviously taking it’s place in the world of interior design every year and its influence is extensive. This is a great example if you are fan of contemporary art and if you want your home to look like contemporary art museum.

3. Eco Inspired Interior

Lately, the movement of saving the planet is rising drastically, and therefore having an environment friendly interior is the hottest trend this year. Go green is always a trend.

4. Colorful Stripes Interior

One of the trends this year is playing with stripes and colors in order to achieve a European touch into your home. This is example of both stylish and cozy living room.

5. Rough Texture Interior

Rough texture and vibrant colors is a big trend this year.

6. Black And White Minimalistic Interior

Black and White are eternal trend and minimalism is never out of fashion. So if you are fan of these combination then you can stick to this style because it is never out of trend.

7. Classy Jungle Inspired Interior

Great idea if you want to live in a home which is radiating with adventure and exotic energy.

8. Classy Intellectual Interior

A place like Woody Allen will live in it is one of the biggest trends this year.

9. Flower Pattern with a white background

Elegance is never out of fashion.

10. Vintage Cozy Interior

Cheerful and fun interior is always a good idea.

So what do you think about all the Interior Design Trends for 2013? Which one is your favorite? Please share in the comments section below.

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