10 Unique Designs of Kitchen Stools

The stools in the kitchen can be found in various styles and form that should match the theme and style of the kitchen. Aside of the fact that the kitchen stools have to be comfortable and functional; their design is another thing that is very important. Accent kitchen stools can refresh the outlook of the kitchen and enhance the aesthetics of the place. The unique designs of the kitchen stool can have a big influence in providing your kitchen with ultra modern and chic note. Check out our list of the most unique and creative kitchen stool designs and get inspired.

1. Classy Animal Print Kitchen Stool Design

The animal print and black leather in combination with the design make this stool vintage and chic.

2. Contemporary Marble Kitchen Stool Design

The transparent seat of this super cool marble seat may add a natural and modern note in your kitchen.

3. Elegant Leaf Inspired Kitchen Stool Design

The innovative design of this contemporary stool in a form of leaf may provide your living room with modern and distinctive ambiance.

4. Industrial Bar Inspired Kitchen Stool Design

These kitchen stools are reminding of the vintage industrial stools that most often can be seen in some old bars.

5. Cottage Inspired Yellow Kitchen Stool Design

The warm yellow color of these cottage inspired kitchen stools is providing the entire kitchen with a lively and bright note.

6. Modern and Urban Wooden Kitchen Stool Design

Steel and wood is a great combination for creating a modern and urban kitchen stool like this one in the picture. The wooden seat makes the stool look rustic and industrial, which can bring a hip note in the kitchen.

7. Modern Kitchen Stool Design

The Bertoia design stools will for sure bring a modern and contemporary touch in your kitchen.

8. Natural Wicker Rattan Kitchen Stool Design

The wicker rattan kitchen stool will provide a natural and fresh note in your kitchen.

9. Solid Cedar wood kitchen stool design

This for sure is unique and unusual design of a kitchen stool. The solid cedar wood kitchen stool will completely change the concept of an ordinary kitchen and will help you to create a unique and modern kitchen.

10. Urban Walnut Brown Kitchen Stool Design

The charming brown color in combination with simple and yet sophisticated design makes this stool design a perfect element for creating a hip and modern kitchen.

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