Top 10 Upcoming Sofa Trends on This Year

Sofa is the essential furniture in the living room, and for that reason it is really important to choose both comfortable and beautiful sofa. In case you were planing to get rid of your old sofa, and you want to pick a new, stylish sofa according to the newest trends, then you are on the right place. We are going to present you the new upcoming sofa trends for 2013. Apparently, the new trend sofa colors for 2013 are going to be the following: liquid pink, beige, lime green, rouge and eggshell white. If you want to follow the latest trends and purchase a contemporary modern sofa, take a look at the following guide of the latest sofa trends.

1. Pantone Sofa Design

The pantone is the new black in the world of furniture. This specific design of sofa is combination of contemporary style with touch of elegance.

2. Zen Grey Yellow Sofa

If you are fan of the Feng Shui principles, then this sofa will fit perfectly in your apartment.

3. Eggshell Leather Sofa

Symmetric with sharp edges and radiant eggshell color, this leather sofa is perfect for every modern and contemporary apartment.

4. Colorful Sofa Trend

According to the latest sofa trends, this sofa will bring freshness and cheerful note into your living room.

5. Elegant snow white sofa

This sofa is transcendent and contemporary. The colorful pinkish pillows are matching perfect with the style of the sofa.

6. Orange Color Sofa Trends

Color of a fresh orange and leather it is the latest sofa trend for 2013. Your living room will get a urban and cheerful touch.

7. Champagne Elegant Sofa

The subtle color and elegant touch of this sofa will bring a specific classy and glamorous note into your living room.

8. Lime Green Classic Sofa

The Lime green color sofa is one of the latest trends in 2013. This sofa will bring earthy and fresh scent into your living room.

9. Rouge Contemporary Sofa

Contemporary and super modern design. The color is allure and this sofa is perfect if you want trendy, artsy furniture.

10. Middle East inspired Sofa

Bring a little oriental scent in your living room.

So what do you think about all the upcoming sofa trends? Which one if your favorite? Share in comments below.

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