Top 10 Terrace Design Ideas

Every modern and stylish home should have a modern and stylish exterior as well. A well decorated terrace is an awesome place where you can spend your hot summer days and nights with your friends and family. The good thing about decorating your terrace or rooftop is that you should focus only on creating a pleasant and relaxing ambiance. We’ve created a list of amazing terrace designs in order to get you inspired.

1. Adorable terrace design with rattan furniture

The rattan furniture in combination with the colorful area rug and patchwork pillows are providing this place with adorable and cool ambiance.

2. Amazing terrace design with a pool

The wrought iron sofa is perfectly matched with the white vintage cabinet, and you can clearly notice the Mediterranean ambiance in this amazing terrace.

3. Contemporary terrace design with a garden

The lush garden is the obvious highlight of this contemporary terrace.

4. Cool Homey Terrace Design

Here is an example of a cozy and friendly terrace design with wooden furniture and colorful pillows.

5. Eclectic Terrace Design

This terrace has a really awesome and relaxing ambiance. The oriental carpet is providing the place with eclectic and bohemian note.

6. Romantic Terrace Design with Rattan Furniture

This is a really beautiful and romantic terrace design decorated only with light brown rattan furniture.

7. Small and cute terrace design

The lush plants are providing this cute small terrace with beautiful and natural touch.

8. Spacious and elegant terrace design

Here is an example of a really elegant and classy terrace design.

9. Stylish Terrace Design

This terrace has all the elements of a stylish design and contemporary ambiance.

Stylish Terrace Design

10. Transparent and modern white terrace design

This is a really modern and contemporary terrace design decorated in a really distinctive and tasteful way.

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