Top 10 Tips to Create a Romantic Garden Setting

The garden is a place where you could have a majestic and blissful moments during the hot summer days and nights. A romantic garden will be a perfect choice for all romantic and sentimental souls who love the poetry, wine and the creative gentle side of life. If you were planning to transform your ordinary dull back yard into a dreamy garden that you can most likely find in some of Jane Austin novels, then you are on the right place. We are going to help you to create a romantic garden setting by providing you with useful tips and suggestions.

1. Add white wooden fence

The old fashioned white wooden fence is the essential element for creating a romantic and elegant garden setting.

2. Choose plants in soft and pastel colors

Naturally, plants with gentle and soft color will provide the garden with elegant and sophisticated note.

3. Create a romantic pathway

Instead of creating an ordinary pathway in a straight line you should create a meandering pathway, because it will add to the beauty and creativity of your garden.

4. Grow old fashioned flowers

Grow traditional flowers such as peony, cosmos, snapdragon foxglove, etc. Old fashioned flowers will provide your garden with a specific vintage note.

5. Choose vintage and rustic furniture

A comfy and vintage furniture will provide your garden with romantic and cozy ambiance.

6. Decorate with vintage garden items

You can use old garden items like decorating elements in order to create a bohemian and romantic outlook of your garden.

7. Water Fountain is an important element for romantic garden

Water Fountain will definitely be the focal point in your garden and will add a romantic and elegant note into it.

8. Pay attention to the accessories

Carefully choose vintage and romantic accessories such as white wrought iron bird house, in order to add to the beauty of the garden.

9. Swing seat is a must

A swing seat in your garden will create a cozy and romantic ambiance.

Swing seat is a must

10. Use your creativity

Think creatively and use old wine bottles like a flower vase.

Are you ready to create your perfect garden? Do you have more ideas?

Share all of your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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