Top 10 Modern Front Yard Design Ideas

If you are one of the rare lucky ones who have a front yard, then you ought to make good use of it. The design of the front yard is very important, because it’s representing your home and it will leave the first impression of your house. People will expect from the interior what they see from the exterior, therefore the front yard should be impressive and inviting enough. We’ve created a list of the most modern and contemporary front yard design ideas in order to get you inspired.

1. Amazing Desert Inspired Front Yard Design

The desert theme for the front yard is a great and unique idea, especially if you have a cute black house like this one.

2. Contemporary Front yard Design

This front yard with a simple and yet beautiful landscape looks modern and contemporary.

3. Desert Themed Front Yard design

Here is another example of a desert theme in the front yard, although, this looks more like an oasis in the desert.

4. Elegant Front Yard Design

The nature landscape provides this front yard with a really elegant and modern ambiance.

5. Homey Front Yard Design

This is a really modern and homey front yard with a sleek landscape.

6. Front Yard Design with Lush Garden

The variety of plants and the entire lush garden area are providing this front yard with natural and modern ambiance.

7. Modern front yard design

The minimalist landscape creates a sleek and a modern and contemporary outlook of this front yard.

8. Outstanding Green Front Yard Design

This surely is an outstanding and impressive design of a front yard. The vast green landscape is surely the highlight of this front yard.

9. Spacious Modern Front Yard Design

The landscape in this front yard is really modern and beautiful.

10. Urban and Modern Front Yard Design

This is small and yet amazing front yard, decorated in a really contemporary and modern way.

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