Top 10 Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Naturally, we are used to have a cozy and trendy fireplace in our living room, to warm us up in the cold winter’s night but also to provide the room with a special cozy note. But have you imagined having a fireplace in your backyard? Well now you can, we are going to show you the most exquisite fireplace designs for your outdoor. So sit back and enjoy!

1. Amazing Outdoor Stone Fireplace Design

This traditional fireplace made of natural light stone is giving a relaxing and calm note to this amazing backyard.

2. Beautiful Outdoor Stone Fireplace Design

This fireplace made of large, light colored stones is providing this backyard with lovely and light ambiance.

3. Big Modern Stone Fireplace Design

A grandiose fireplace made of gray stone with storage for the wood is providing this space with modern and amazing ambiance.

4. Contemporary Outdoor Stone Fireplace Design

The design of this fireplace is distinctive and extremely elegant, that is why this backyard looks contemporary and absolutely chic.

5. Dazzling Outdoor Fireplace Design

An astonishing fireplace next to the pool area is something that everyone will love to have in their backyard.

6. Elegant White Stone Fireplace Design

This white stone fireplace is elegant and is providing this backyard with subtle and sophisticated note.

7. Grandiose Dramatic Outdoor Fireplace Design

This big fireplace with classy design is the focal point in this sophisticated backyard.

8. Modern White Outdoor Fireplace Design

A fireplace like this will surely bring an elegant and classy note in your outdoors. This white fireplace is matching the furniture of this airy backyard.

9. Stylish Stone Outdoor Fireplace Design

This amazing fireplace is surely the main focal point in this backyard. The design of this fireplace is elegant and modern.

Stylish Stone Outdoor Fireplace Design

10. Vintage Outdoor Fireplace Design

This is a fireplace with really modern and creative design which is providing this place with dramatic and bold note.

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