Top 18 Luxurious Home Designs

1. Luxury traditional home exterior design

The home seen here is a traditional house with exteriors to die for. It looks quite classic with conical roof and whitish cream wall paint colors that make the house appear large and very serene. Outside the house, the designer has planned quite a lot of greenery to compliment its look.The surroundings have been kept natural with minimal interference by the use of concrete and tar. Little shrubs add to the beauty and look good with the light colored walls. The house has been built at a height with eight stairs made of stone. The pathway adds to the charm of the house and makes it appealing.

2. Modern luxury house exterior design

Sometimes it is just contemporary that attracts you to design your house in that manner since modern designs are in vogue today and look very neat and eye catching. The house as you can see is modern in its architectural style and looks amazing. It is designed in geometric fashion with four stories, starting from the ground floor and going well upwards towards the penthouse or terrace. Everything about this house is fashionable. Be it the patterned green pathways designed before it or the styling of the walls and roof, the house is a glamorous heaven to stay. There are small plants that adorn the surroundings and walls are painted in green, beige and white colors. The wooden doors and wall finish add more charm to this house that appears simply awesome.

3. Trendy and chic luxury home exterior design

It is the exterior lighting and the shape of the house that lends it attractiveness. The house is modern in look and feel with white and dark hues painted over the walls. It is made of cement and appears beautiful with a light maroon pillar designed to act as a support to hold a part of the house. The lighting outside the house illuminates it, thereby lending it a magical appeal. The whole house is dotted with decorative and designer plants that make the house look very charming too. There are edges too that are green and are perfectly lit up with lighting installed on the ground. The pathway is made of concrete and looks neat.

4. Luxury home design with swimming pool

If there is one luxury home that I would love to build, it has to be this house since the look of it makes me feel good and stylish from inside. The house looks glamorous with its unusual built and lighting that makes it vibrant and would make you feel as if you are staying in some five star property full of modern luxury like a swimming pool and great ambiance. The color chosen to paint the walls are brown and white with glass and metal panels on the top floor as railings. The veranda is chic with roof top lighting to add shine. The ground floor houses the bedrooms and has sliding doors that appear stylish. The walls here are designed distinctly and look smashing. Just outside the house, there is a beautiful swimming pool with green surroundings and a cemented pathway. The pool looks stunning and so does the whole house.

5. Panorama diamond villa exterior design

The whole house looks like it is dipped in metallic gold and appears shiny and very attractive. The glamor of the house comes to life with the color chosen that makes it look beautiful as well as stylish. There are glass doors and windows with no barriers kept to view the lovely insides of the villa. There is an oval glass window that lets you devour the magnificent exterior right from your living room. On the walls, there are chic looking focus light installed that make the place bright and well lit up. There is a staircase leading all the way up with plants decorated to bring in some greenery. The swimming pool is designer with lighting installed underneath to make it more attractive.

6. Stunning luxury home exterior design

Attractive and glamorous…. the house is a marvelous example of a luxurious house that would attract anyone to come and compliment on its sheer beauty. The beauty comes alive with color schemes matched to fit the green surroundings. The main color combinations is that of orange and beige that is seen painted on the outer walls of the house together with white. This color combo brings more charm to the house. The material used to build the house is concrete with patches of green here and there. The backside of the house is laid with red concrete flooring that gels well with the beige colored walls.

7. Classic luxury home exterior design

The highlight of the house has to be its stone base or foundation that makes it look like some cottage from the Gothic times. Yes, the stony base looks absolutely stunning with textured green and brown colored walls and rooftops. The roof designed here is conical in shape and is done up beautifully. The pillars at the entrance of the house look good with a mix of light cemented stone and bricks, lending it a more rustic appearance.

8. Luxury ranch style exterior design

Ranch styled houses look very trendy and smart. The house seen here is built in ranch style and is a typical sight in California and adjoining places. The whole exterior looks good with stone and wood as the main materials to build the house. The house sports a huge veranda that is kept simple but well lit up. The stony textured walls of the house make it appear beautiful and charming. Also designed is a pathway, bordered with green shrubs, leading you towards the pool.

9. Luxury Mediterranean home exterior design

A house becomes a home when its done up warmly to motivate one to feel comfortable and relaxed. The moment you set your foot inside this Mediterranean house, you are sure to feel good since the whole exterior designing seems to strike the right chords. The design is Mediterranean as you can see with a pathway made of stone. The house is steeply located and the designer has thought very deeply to lend it more greenery with a beautifully done up small side garden that houses a decorative garden bench made of stone. There is a path leading you up to the garden. The entrance of the house is designed with thick decorative pillars and a colorful wooden door.

10. Luxury floating house exterior design

Floating houses need effective planning as it involves water and hence designers entrusted with this job have to dig deep and find out the exact measurements and proportions that will go on to make the house a comfortable place that is safe to reside as well. The floating house seen here is designed in squarish shape and looks spectacular when viewed during sun rise and sun set. The foundation on which the house is built appears to be durable. There are a number of lights fixed all around the house for better view and clear sight. Stationed just next to the house is a motor boat.

11. Smart luxury home exterior design

The house exterior is squarish in design and appears quite smart and trendy. The floor plan has been kept simple with a big veranda to spend time admiring the outside. The wooden sliding doors look amazing and chic too. The house is two storied with white as the main paint color. Just facing the veranda is a medium built swimming pool that compliments the look. There is an open wooden space outside the main entrance and a small garden that makes the house look serene and fresh.

12. Striking luxury river house exterior design

The river house looks fabulous with its exterior designing and planning. The surroundings matter a lot when designing homes and the picture below shows how the designers have incorporated greenery into the everyday lives of people residing in this magnificent home. The house is built just in front of the river with lots of trees and greenery around to soothe your senses. The walls of the house are white and is built on a height to eliminate any stagnation of water during monsoons.

13. Creative color scheme luxury home exterior design

The luxury house that is projected in the picture below shows how home exterior designing has undergone a vast change with concentration on a variety of elements that includes choosing the correct colors and contrasting them with the rest of the landscape and interiors. This is one of the most recent trends in exterior designing that focuses on color schemes to add to the beauty of the house. From the layout to the walls of the house, every color seems to gel well with the green surroundings and beautifies the place. The walls are painted in cream and white with the conical rooftop painted in a shade darker that is orange and brownish in color. The portico is designed keeping in view the need for parking a car that the owners want in front of the house just outside the entrance. The look of the house is quite smart as well as classy. This kind of house brings back memories from childhood when we used to have lots of space to play and have fun outside.

14. Minimalist luxury home exterior design

It is sometimes a refreshing change to see and dwell in a home that is not too overtly decorated but looks just cool and simple. Sometimes simplicity too can be luxurious and the house seen in the image below fits this category very efficiently. It is simple but looks quite elegant with a very little but effective designing done to make it appear beautiful. The color scheme chosen is white and dark gray to offer an awesome contrast. There are glass windows through which one can see the insides of the house while taking a dip at the pool installed next to it. There is a small sitting area outside the house with a roof covering where a white wooden sitting arrangement is made and looks very chic.

15. Amazing Luxury house exterior design

Who would not fall in love with this amazingly inspiring Mediterranean styled luxury home with cool and green color combo? Well, the exterior of the house is as attractive as the inside as I can guess. The stoned wall texture of the house exterior looks fabulous against the cream colored walls. This light color contrast with the green surroundings adds to the beauty of the home and makes it look attractive and par beyond excellence. The house is lined with colorful flower beds of seasonal flowers that border the whole area and looks just astounding.

16. Luxury Peninsula home exterior design

It is a sheer treat to watch this house as a showpiece that is designed by an artist keeping in mind to retain the old world charm together with modern amenities and luxuries. The exotic house is built in the Peninsular region and has been rebuilt over an old house. The house is perfectly landscaped and looks very charming and ethereal. Focus has been accorded to privacy that is ample here and one cannot let his eyes rove inside the house premises because of the dense greenery surrounding the place. The look of the house is more like a five star resort that offers total solitude to the people. The designer has brought some innovative changes by fixing solar water panels on the roof. It is a perfect example of an environmental friendly house since the cooling system used here uses no electricity or power. There are huge windows and shades to keep the rooms cool and calm.

17. Glamorous luxury home exterior design

The house exterior looks stunning with a designer swimming pool, the sun bathing area with chic looking wooden sun beds and a separate open resting room that houses a comfortable bed. The highlight of the exterior plan has to be the magnificent pool that would motivate anyone to take a dive and cool their senses while sipping on some yummy drinks! The open bedroom or so as I would call it, is spectacular and has been designed for late night parties when you can just take a breather and grab some nap!

18. Artistic luxury home design

The house is a typical example of most homes located in tropical countries, done up in white and looks just too charming to resist! The rooftop is conical in shape with an attic that can be seen.There are stairs leading one to the door made of wood and framed with glass. The veranda of the house has been kept large and spacious. Installed are ceiling fans and lights that make the area comfortable for the people to sit in the evenings too. Outside the house, there is a small garden planned that includes small beautiful bushes along with palm trees that lend more attractiveness to the whole surrounding. The green backdrop against the white house looks just mind blowing and cool. The house is a typical beach or jungle house that is built at a height and appears quite stunning.

Exterior home designing is as important as interior decoration. Unless and until the outside of your house looks appealing, it cannot exude the required charm and warmth to keep you hooked to stay here and cherish all the memories. Luxury houses have exteriors that are custom built and involve lot of planning. If you are thinking of renovating your old home, do not go anyplace else but take a look at this article that lists the top 18 exterior designs to help you select the one that suits your style and pocket.

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