15 DIY Ideas To Design Your Backyard For Summer

A backyard, though cannot be seen outright, too needs to look good for it is the place where you and your family spend free time lazing around and having fun. Summer is here and so is the time to make some important changes to the way your backyards look. But, would you like to make these changes all by yourself and save a little money? Well, if you are someone that enjoys decorating her house with creative ideas, here is a list comprising the top 15 DIY ideas for designing your backyards this season. These are easy and quite inexpensive too. Have a look!

1. Reclaimed wood pathway

Reclaimed wood pathway can be built using old wooden planks or pallets that are easy to find and are quite cheap as compared to stone and other kinds of material bought from the store. The pathway that you can see below is made of wooden planks and leads all the way into the backyard. It is cornered on both sides with plants that accentuate its beauty.

2. Outdoor lounger

Backyards are places where one spends time doing simply nothing but lazing around! As such, there needs to be some sort of resting place where one can chill and relax. Seen below are two red colored wooden loungers that are made with wooden planks and look quite amazing. These loungers are like recliners used for resting and reading. Along with these, there is a wooden table placed for convenience.

3. Adorable tree swings for backyards

If you have a tree that offers you shade and has sturdy branches, you can use your old and used cane stool or seater to convert it into a handsome looking tree swing. Many of us who have old garden chairs can adopt this idea to design our backyards specially during summer when one needs to relax and cool down from the glazing heat of the sun. The adorable swing is tied with ropes and beautified with a green oval mattress and colorful cushions to pep you up.

4. Stunning wood patio table with built in coolers for backyard

The backyard of this house has been transformed to suit the needs of the warm weather by installing a wooden patio table that comes equipped with built-in coolers to chill your wine and beer! The design is simple with cooling sections provided that help you save money as well as the energy of running up and down the house to collect your chilled drinks. Now, you can chat with your friends and drink without any botheration!

5. DIY shoe planters for backyard

One can design their backyards with old and recycled objects to create a whole different look. The owners have creatively used their old boots to convert them into planters. The colorful boots are used as pots to grow plants and flowers that add freshness to your backyard.

6. Mini oasis for backyard

The owners have a very creative bent of mind and have recreated the feel of a mini oasis in their backyard by utilizing rocks and cactus plants. A lot of time seems to have gone into creating this exotic place. There is a beautiful doll and a number of ducks placed in order to give the feel of a real oasis. The idea is just perfect for hot summers.

7. DIY flower pot person for backyard

The picture below shows a creative idea that can beautify your backyards for sure! The flower pot person has been placed amidst greenery and looks quite artistic and creative. One can make this ‘person’ at home by collecting many old pots of different sizes and arranging them in such a way so as to lend the shape of a man. Various pots have been utilized for this purpose but the end result is awesome!

8. Old car decorated with flowers

One very creative and inexpensive way to decorate and design your backyard is to utilize your old car or any vehicle to transform it into a colorful decorative piece. Yes, the image that you are seeing below is that of a backyard that looks colorful with a variety of flowers arranged…not on a flower bed…but on an old car of the family residing in this house! It looks amazing and very unusual.

9. Amazing campfire place for backyard

The backyard must look comfortable for you to spend fun time here. Seen below is a backyard of a house that has been designed to suit the needs of those that love to camp out in the chilly nights and have some gala time. The owner has transformed a huge plant pot to be used as a fire pit. The most creative feature about the whole project is the way the propane lines have been covered using the wooden deck on which is placed the fire pit and the wooden recliner.

10. Amazing tree perch and lookout deck for backyard

The backyard in the picture has been designed with a creative tree deck and perches that can be used by kiddos during evenings and nights. The tree house and the decks are made of wood that isn’t very expensive and one can easily hire DIY experts to design such a feature for their backyards. The tree deck can be used for hosting children’s birthday parties during summers.

11. Amazing backyard with stone pathway

The backyard looks just perfect and a heaven for chilling out in the evenings, with a stone pathway leading to the altar where the seating area is organized. The path is well surrounded with plants and beautiful flowers that are planted on a raised platform.

12. Amazing lantern decoration for backyard

In case you have a backyard that needs proper lighting, you can design it with bright colored lanterns that can be hung from tree branches. The lanterns as seen below are of various colors that offer a warm cozy feeling in the summary evenings when you want to have fun outdoors. These are quite cheap to buy, or else, you can make these at home using bright crepe papers and aluminium strings.

13. Amazing wind chimes for backyard designing

Wind chimes can alter the very look and feel of your backyard. The colorful wind chime seen in the image is made of various glass beads of varied colors that bring a dazzle to the whole place. These look glamorous and can make your backyards, hubs for partying and merrymaking.

14. Quirky recycled crate birdhouse for backyard

One must build bird houses in their backyards as summer is the time when thirsty birds fly over to your yards and are in search of some cool resting place and water. Seen in the image is a very creative looking birdhouse made of recycled crate which has been placed on the fence, lining the backyard. Old crates can be converted into birdhouses by coloring them with some bright colors and designing them into small houses.

15. Beautiful hanging baskets for backyard decoration

Backyards, in summers, need to be redesigned to suit the sultry weather when you would want to be surrounded with fresh spring flowers and perfumed pathways. Seen below is a picturesque backyard whose beauty gets accentuated with hanging baskets of seasonal flowers. These baskets are easily available and one can use old cane baskets for the purpose. The fencing is used for fixing these baskets that create a fresh feel.

The top 15 ideas to design your backyards this summer are listed above and am hopeful that these will offer you great help in selecting the ones that fits your bill. All these ideas can be implemented easily at home, provided one has some creative streak. Backyards can be designed with old and recycled products that are not necessarily expensive and elaborate. From the humble pot to an old plank of wood, you can use these to decorate your backyards and make them picture perfect.

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