18 Table Ideas for Your Garden and Terrace

Summer is that time of the year when all of us want to spend as much time as possible outside be it to entertain our guests, spend a lazy day or just to lounge about. It’s here where outdoor furniture comes into play for without adequate furniture, how on earth are you going to entertain. In order to have an enjoyable experience you need to have furniture that is not only comfortable but also durable and resistant to the vagaries of the season. This list will provide you the details of not only durable pieces but stylish one’s too.

1. Wrought iron table set

This wrought iron table is naturally suited to an outdoor seating area. The chairs are fitted with comfy cushions to make your outdoor seating experience a pleasant one. The table is big enough to hold your breakfast items comfortably.

2. Corner table

This table and chair set in white is best suited to a small balcony or verandah where there is shortage of space. You can also fold up this table when not in use.

3. Metal table

This metal table can be accommodated easily into your small verandah space. Made of metal this table and chair set is weather-resistant.

4. Teak table

This dining set in polished teak wood is perfect to entertain friends for an all fresco lunch. Put it in a shady part of the garden and spread out a lavish meal for your friends. Teak is a very resistant material so you can place this out in the sun without having to worry about it being damaged by the elements.

5. Bright table

Add a spark of brightness to your outdoor garden by planting this movable table in your garden. This table doesn’t take up too much space and comes with matching stools.

6. Pallet table for verandah

This square pallet table can easily fit into your verandah. It comes with wrought iron chairs which are provided with soft cushions. A nice table to have your cup of coffee early in the morning.

7. Folding table

This easy to carry folding table can be put up anywhere. Painted in bright colors it instantly livens up the area where it is placed.

8. Farmhouse table

The farmhouse table is well-suited to the outdoors. Built of solid chunks of wood this rustic looking table looks good in the midst of a garden. Instead of chairs you have workmen’s benches.

9. Fireside outdoor table

This circular fireside table is a unique addition to one’s furniture collection. Ideal for those winter outings when you don’t have to rush back and forth to warm the food for the fire is right there in front of you.

10. Contemporary farmhouse design

Give your farmhouse garden furniture a contemporary twist by substituting the benches on one side by box chairs in contrasting colors. They add a nice element of color to an otherwise dull surrounding.

11. Rectangular breakfast table

This rectangular outdoor table is large enough to hold your breakfast items. Should the sun get too hot you can open the umbrella that comes attached with it.

12. Solid wood coffee table

This octagonal coffee table in brown looks perfect in its surroundings. The legs are strong enough to support the set even on an uneven ground.

13. Rattan outdoor table

This lovely circular table comes with a set of 4 rattan chairs and an accompanying canopy. Set it by the pool and enjoy a delicious cool drink.

14. Solid wood table

Made of extremely solid and durable wood this table and chair set has been given a good brown finish. You can place this rectangular table in your garden and have those lovely summer parties.

solid wood table

Image Credit: designrulz

15. Outdoor circular table

This circular table can be easily fitted into a verandah. The semi-circular benches face inwards so they occupy less space. Since the legs are made of strong wood they can be placed even on the grass.

16. Semi-circular set

This semi-circular sofa set can be a great addition to your verandah where you can lounge about. The sofa set is in synthetic material so it can withstand the weather.

17. Outdoor bar table

This portable bar table in white with glass top is small and compact enough to fit anywhere. This free-standing table is provided with 4 bar stools where you can entertain your guests with a glass of wine.

18. Granite table

This circular granite table can be placed in the garden without you having to fear for its maintenance. The base is made of wood and so also are the chairs that are provided with it.

We are sure these outdoor table ideas will help you in your search for that perfect outdoor piece of furniture.

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