15 Tips to Beautify Your Gardens

Beautiful gardens are such a pleasure to look at. It is hard not to feel calm and relaxed when one is surrounded by a cornucopia of images and sounds portraying nature’s best. Gardens not only look beautiful but they act as a soothing balm on our frayed nerves thus becoming the calming influence in our lives. If such type of a garden happens to be right there in your home, then nothing could be better than that. Sometimes however our gardens fall short of the beauty benchmark and at such times we need certain handy tips that can turn our little patch of green into a glorious heaven. The tips mentioned below are a step in that direction.

1. Add flowers

Flowers liven up the space by concentrating a rainbow of colors in one place. Adding flowering plants to one’s garden is therefore a must if you want a beautiful garden. Flowers help break the monotony of a single color scheme by adding pops of color to the confined space of a garden. Flowers come in various colors, shapes and sizes and it is this diversity which adds overall beauty to the garden.

2. Group same plants together

Placing plants of the same family together acts as a clever piece of designing one’s garden. Try putting flowers belonging to the same family in a row so that they dominate the scene and strike a bold note. You can also place similar colored flowers together to create a powerful visual impact.

3. Check weeds

Weeds are fast-spreading taking up the space meant for flowers. They also make for an unsightly appearance giving the garden an unkempt look. It is therefore highly important that you regularly weed your garden to keep it neat and clean.

4. Plant shrubs

A beautiful garden needn’t only have flowering plants; shrubs and herbs can equally make the garden look beautiful. Maintaining a healthy balance between both flowering shrubs as well as non-flowering plants makes the garden look more realistic. You can also plant herbs and vegetables in various colors – those will also add a dash of color to the atmosphere. Add a mix of annuals and perennials to keep your garden blooming throughout the year.

5. Create beauty with contrast

Create beauty in your garden by combining opposites together. Pair shrubs with trees, flowering plants with non-flowering plants to create drama in your garden. You can also play around with the textures and colors to create sharp contrasts which enhance the beauty of the garden.

6. Use colorful pots

To add an extra splash of color to your garden, place colorful and well-decorated pots at strategic locations such that they attract the visitor’s eye. Colorful pots add a vibrant look to the garden and make the place look brighter and more attractive. If you have one special pot that you wish to highlight, paint it in a different color so as to maintain its focus. If you plan to place other pots around it make sure these are smaller in size than your main pot so that they do not divert attention towards themselves.

7. Ornamentation

Decorate your garden with a couple of ornamental pieces to make the garden look more attractive than before. When going for ornamentation choose a piece that matches the overall look of your house. If ornate sculptures and statues are not your cup of tea, you can go for quirky decorative pieces which are going to stand out for the sheer uniqueness of the accessories in question.

8. Go for a statement piece

There should be at least one statement piece in your garden which should stand out for its uniqueness as well as serve as the focal point of the garden. Keep it in such a place that it is visible from every corner. All paths should lead to this piece. An ornate and large piece of sculpture serves as a great statement piece but the choice is up to you actually. It could be that bubbling fountain, those roman columns or that wonderful set of frames – anything practically.

9. Don’t over-clutter

Many people have the tendency to over-clutter their garden with plants which not only clutters the area but also makes movement difficult. Always leave some space free for a person to move about. Putting in too many things at one place looks clumsy, spacing out and de-cluttering can make things look infinitely better. If you have a small garden you can make use of vertical spaces to free up space on the ground.

10. Night lighting

Lighting up the garden during night is essential if you want to maintain its beauty during nighttime as well. By stringing a few lights from the trees you can turn the garden into a magical place at night. Outdoor lamps and terracotta lamps can also be used to light up the hidden nooks and crannies of the garden. Soft lighting helps create a cozy atmosphere and makes it possible for you to enjoy your garden long after the sun is gone.

11. Add an entrance and walkway

Adding an entrance and proper walkways to the garden can adequately define the space and demarcate the boundaries well. Positioning a beautifully designed gate at the entrance of your garden also helps to create a grand impact in turn implying that there are grander things inside.

12. Include a curve

If you have a big garden then incorporating a curve in the layout of the garden will help to create a sense of mystery as to what lies ahead. The visitor would definitely be piqued to know what will come next. An arbor can be inculcated in a portion of the curve – that will add a wonderful sense of aesthetics to the entire space.

13. Water Bodies

If you feel that a pond is taking up a lot of space install a fountain instead. Water bodies in a garden take it to an all-new level altogether. Not only does a fountain serve an aesthetic purpose by beautifying the area where it is placed but the soothing sound of water bubbling forth and flowing all over is absolute music to the ears.

14. Garden furniture

Garden furniture is essential if you want to enjoy and savor your garden. Allot a space in your garden where you can sit and admire the beauty strewn all around you. Furniture made in metal, wicker and wood are most ideal to be used as garden furniture as they can withstand weather conditions. Go for well-designed furniture set which will serve a decorative function as well.

15. Layered Planning

If the one-dimensional layout of your garden is bothering you then inculcate some layering tips which will give the garden a layered look. Utilize both tall and short trees to give a heterogeneous look to your garden. Instead of simply planting flowers in flowerbeds, place potted plants on raised platforms to fool the eye in thinking that vertical layering has been used in planning the garden. You can also add a sunken mini-garden which can serve as your exclusive getaway. All these features will make your garden stand out.

These smart beautification tips can work wonders in your garden. Implement a couple of these tips to create your very own dream garden – a garden that will become the cynosure of all eyes.

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