17 Inspiring Kitchen Color Schemes

Kitchen Color Schemes – A bright, cheery and airy kitchen can lift one’s mood and inspire us to create magic with our hands. Playing around with the color scheme in the kitchen can dramatically change its look. To achieve a great look you do not have to paint the entire kitchen in some bold color; a minor splash of color here and there can also change the look of the room for the better.

1. Red color scheme

Red color scheme
Red color scheme

Those who are skeptical of adding too much color to their kitchens can for the meantime start with this idea where the white kitchen has the soffit painted in a vibrant red. Although not much color has been used, still this tiny strip of color is eye-catching and provides a nice contrast to the overall white décor of the place.

2. Black and orange color scheme

The grey walls and the brownish backsplash provide a perfect foil to the flaming orange cabinets. The dining set in steel and gray color matches the wall perfectly.

3. Bold blue accent wall

Electric blue walls are the main highlight of this kitchen. However to prevent the room from turning into a sea of blue, one of the wall has been given a different color scheme. The white tiles on the floor, the cream cabinets and the white countertop in their own way contribute to moderate the bluishness of the room.

4. Rustic color scheme

This kitchen seems clearly inspired by a rustic kitchen. The island in the center in a cream and rust combination has a lovely old-world charm about it. A brown vintage door, the brightly colored chair and table set, chimney with copper lining all add their individual colors to the room. The glass front cabinet displays multi colored crockery items which further contributes to the overall color scheme.

5. Yellow color scheme

This is one sunny room where it seems the sun has set up permanent residence. Yellow is an eye-catching color and the designer instead of painting the walls yellow has innovatively colored the cabinets and the drawers in a lovely lime yellow color. The walls and the ceilings painted in a light color blend in with the overall color scheme and further accentuate the yellow color of the cabinets.

6. Vibrant color scheme

A broad range of color strokes are at work here right from warm gold to lime green to earthy browns which makes it appear that a color bubble has burst in this vibrant kitchen. The colors seem to crowd upon each other, yet they maintain a sort of unity. Brown seems to balance out the color scheme whose presence can be found in multiple objects in the room. The chairs in different colors and a wall painted in warm red color add additional colors to the room.

7. Gold color scheme

This contemporary kitchen seems suffused in liquid gold so strong is the color scheme. In a sea of maple gold the first thing that one notices is the backsplash in green mosaic tiles. It looks quite riveting. White hanging pendants, steel barstools add some amount of color to a room otherwise dominated by maple gold.

8. Green accent wall color scheme

Choose an accent wall for your kitchen and do it up the way this kitchen has been done. The green color scheme in this kitchen stretches from the kitchen towards the dining room adding a new dimension to the space. The rest of the walls are done in a cream color primarily to draw attention to the green accent wall. A huge abstract painting in the kitchen makes the kitchen appear stylish.

9. Purple and white color scheme

This classy kitchen looks absolutely fab and wonderful. The deep purple cabinets and black backsplash lend a remarkable amount of richness to the kitchen. Bar stools in white stainless steel complement the overall décor.

10. Purple color scheme

This kitchen in lovely purple tones is gorgeous to say the least. This stylish kitchen has equal tones of both white and purple. The most striking feature of this kitchen is the unique floral backsplash in purple that really sets this kitchen a cut above the rest. Purple cabinets and purple strokes on the wall go very well with the pristine white dining set.

11. Blue color scheme

The walls of this kitchen has been done up in a lovely teal color. It seems the teal color of the walls has flown out to the island in the center with accessories in the same color as well. The island in the center has been painted a turquoise color that complements the walls and the ceilings beautifully. White light fixtures and white countertops in combination with blue help create a nautical feel. The accessories in blue are a further extension of the bluish theme.

12. Lemon splash color scheme

Yellow color has been used only in the upper portion of the wall and the light fixtures. The rest of the kitchen is kept white and muted. But still the kitchen manages to stand out because of the splashes of yellow that have been introduced in the kitchen.

13. Dark wood color scheme

Whoever thought wooden cabinets to be drab and boring will have to change his statement after taking a look at this room. In this contemporary kitchen the richly dark wooden cabinets provide the only amount of color to the room, yet what a nice contrast they provide. The rest of the room is dominated by white and stainless steel to balance out the earthy tones.

14. Red-tiled color scheme

This Spanish style kitchen will whet your appetite for more. Bold red tiles have been used to rev up the color quotient of the room. Red tiles have been used generously throughout the room be in the in the countertop, the island area, the rim of the arch and even a portion of the wall. However it doesn’t go over the top as the yellow color of the walls tone down its fieriness.

15. Turquoise and white color scheme

Turquoise is such a cool and refreshing color and when paired with white it brings a certain element of freshness to the entire room. While the cabinets are painted in a lovely turquoise color the countertop in steel–grey sufficiently highlight the contrast in colors. The white flooring and steel grey bar stools reinforce the turquoise color scheme further.

16. White and black color scheme

Huge windows turn this kitchen into an airy room instead of a dreary place. Although black and white seem to be the dominant colors in the room, hints of purple have been added to create an astounding effect. The countertops are in white while all the cabinets are in black providing a nice play of contrast. A purple accent wall and a green potted plant succeed in breaking the monotony of black and white.

17. Red and blue color scheme

Red and blue color scheme
Red and blue color scheme

While we find many kitchens opting for a red and blue color scheme, combining the two takes a lot of confidence. This kitchen looks great because the red and blue color combo has been tempered down by white. A nice contrast of colors is at work here with blue peeking out from the soffit and the backsplash. The white cabinets and white countertop followed by red drawers are the other colored additions to the kitchen.

We are sure these inspiring color schemes will have inspired you enough to plan your kitchen makeover in the above mentioned manner.

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