15 Interesting Rustic Kitchen Designs

Rustic Kitchen Designs – Rustic designs are in fashion these days when talking about kitchen designing. These kitchen designs are being chosen by clients well over the traditional and sober varieties that stand for elegance and sophistication. Most of you would love these designs for these are attractive and also have that ‘Age’ factor that makes these stand apart from your over the top Frilly kitchens. Who wouldn’t want to have that old country charm to be present in their kitchens that look warm and beautiful? Well, take a look below to find out the top 15 interesting rustic kitchen designs selected specially for you:

1. Farmhouse rustic design

The style of the farmhouse rustic kitchen is simple and smart with nothing elaborate. With wooden ceiling, flooring and a simple large wooden table, the kitchen appears stylish. There are movable stools made of metal that compliment the decor. On the whole, this rustic design suits this farmhouse.

2. Timber kitchen design

Seen below is a typical and classic example of how a rustic kitchen designed in timber looks like. With almost every feature crafted with beautiful timber, the kitchen couldn’t have looked better. Right from the cabinets to the kitchen island, timber has been used in full swing to add that vintage look to the most important area of your home! Also, the timber and dry flower arrangement on the top of the island is an eye grabber and looks just marvelous.

3. Cool rustic and small industrial kitchen design

This kitchen design is quite rare to see but is one of the most beautiful looking ever! Yes, it looks kind of trendy as well as rustic at the same time with its aluminium finished island coupled with wooden stools that are arranged neatly under the compact kitchen table that can accommodate a person or two. The whole interior looks warm with natural white colors and lamp shades that look traditional. One among the many classic features is the white table fan that is vintage looking and has a charm of its own!

4. Rustic kitchen design with kitchen cabinets

If there is one word that best describes this design of the kitchen, it has to be ‘WOW’! Yes, the kitchen looks spectacular with wooden furnishings that make it look bigger and warmer. The main highlight in this design is the extensive use of wood everywhere. Right from the roof top to the cabinets, wood seems to be the flavor everywhere. The kitchen is huge with large windows to accommodate more air and light. The islands too are furnished with wood along with warm lighting that makes the kitchen vibrant and energetic!

5. Compact rustic kitchen design

The kitchen comes alive in this design that too includes wooden furnishing. The island is designed with trendy tiles and matching walls that compliment the wooden base which can be seen right from the cupboard to the door. The kitchen looks airy and warm with a neat seating arrangement meant for a few people. Though, there is nothing grand about this style, yet, it does bring in that needed charm. The work area is neatly arranged with minimalist features.

6. Awesome rustic kitchen with natural coloring

They say that lighting makes or breaks any room decor, and specially if it is lighting of the kitchen that we are talking about. The picture below is an example of how a kitchen should look when it is colored in natural whites and creams. The coloring used in this design adds a sparkle that exudes warmth and makes you never want to leave your kitchen! The island, the cabinets and the cupboards are all arranged on one side, making lots of space for you to move about. Also, the furnish is done in whites and this makes the kitchen appear brighter and spacious.

7. Rustic kitchen with lighting fixtures

The whole kitchen looks rustic with an uncommon blend of serenity and charm. The light fixtures are the focal point in this design and one can see two different looks here. One light fixture is done up on top of the island while the other one is done over the small dining table. While, the one over the island looks quite trendy, it is the candle light fixture over the dining table that catches your attention. The island, too is pretty to look and has been painted in pink, a baby color to lend softness into an otherwise smart kitchen. The television area is compact with different kinds of decor furnishings that make the kitchen look smart and beautiful.

8. Rustic wooden kitchen with reclaimed wood kitchen island

What is the best part about being in this type of kitchen? Well, it is warm but also looks tremendously smart too! The kitchen island is done up with reclaimed wood with seating arrangements. The style is very smart and there is lots of space for doing the mundane things like chopping and cleaning. The sink, too is designed to fit in easily along with the work table. Everything here has been been fitted perfectly to eliminate any waste of space. The glass flower vase adds to the beauty of the kitchen decor.

9. Rustic kitchen design for mountain home

The epicenter of this huge kitchen is its island and the gigantic window that lets in all the fresh air inside. There is an optimal use of space and it doesn’t look dingy at all. The cabinets and cupboards are made of wood wherein we can see hints of pink color that adds to the style. The flooring is wooden. Along with the island, there is a small dining table meant for two people added compactly. The whole kitchen looks big and very beautiful.

10. Fancy rustic wooden kitchen

The white cupboards in this kitchen compliment the wooden decor that lends a vintage look to the entire kitchen area. The ceiling lights too are warm and add a dash of glamor. The island is joined with a small dining area fitted with smart wooden chairs. The kitchen looks spacious with enough space for movements and there is no cluttering at all. The floors are wooden and this makes the room come alive.

11. Rustic kitchen design with glass tile backsplash

This is one cool and smart design idea that is both contemporary as well as rustic. The main highlight of this kitchen is the modern styled glass tiled background that looks unique and forms the perfect backdrop to a beautiful kitchen made of wooden ceiling, island, dining table and cabinets. The island is conjoined with the dining area and has stone tops to compliment its beauty. The chairs are wooden with bright red cushions that look majestic. The whole kitchen appears vibrant and you may never wish to leave this space for sure!

12. Sleek rustic cottage design

If you want to retire into your traditional country home and spend some quite time with your loved ones, here is presenting before you the most classic of all rustic kitchen designs. The kitchen , as you can see is airy and well lit with enough space for people to move around. The furnishings are done in wood and every single space has been well utilized. Along with the island, there is a seating area, the material of which is made up of block stones and looks natty. The interiors are done up in shades of colors that make the kitchen appear larger than life.

13. Homely rustic kitchen design

The look of this kitchen is very cozy and is very typically found in smaller homes. However, the rustic look comes alive with cane baskets and crockery that make the kitchen appear very country like. Though small, the kitchen is well arranged to fit every feature just comfortably without creating any clutter. The sink and island are well fitted and so are the other furnishings.

14. Rectangle tile floor designs with old style kitchen island

Do you want a kitchen that looks every bit the Vintage Type? If yes, it is my suggestion that you choose this fabulously designed kitchen plan that includes all the features that make for a grand living. The kitchen design imbibes everything cream and natural, though, the focal point is the very antic looking candle chandelier that lends a regal touch to the whole kitchen. From the cabinets, chimney to the roof, everything is done up in wood and this makes it look even more majestic to the eyes.

15. Blue wooden rustic kitchen

By the look of it, the kitchen seems to be an open one that conjoins well with the living room. The blue wooden cabinets are just awesome to look but are simple in design. Another attractive feature of this design has to be the flooring that is made up of wood. This rustic kitchen looks spectacular and spacious.

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