18 Unbelievable Kitchen Makeovers

Unbelievable Kitchen Makeovers – Until recently, I never had an inkling that my kitchen needed a makeover, but, on one occasion, it got into my head that I had to do something drastic to bring some positive changes to the place where I inevitably end up spending more hours than any area in my house. Hence, about two weeks back, I got my kitchen transformed into a stylish hole, and believe me, it looks just fabulous now! I am going to share 18 unbelievable kitchen makeovers with you guys who are also looking forward to do the same.

1. Spectacular kitchen makeover

The renovated kitchen looks nothing short of a diva’s hub that is gorgeous from the word go! The older version of this house had horrific looking floral wallpaper that made the kitchen appear dingy and drab. The owners have done a good thing by painting the wallpaper without removing it. The grey wall color accentuates the look of the place. Also, the light fixtures have been changed from fluorescent to a more trendy looking fixture. The counter top has been changed with marble that enhances the charm. The walls have been decorated with designer trays that lend a very sophisticated touch to the kitchen.

2. Cool kitchen makeover

The kitchen seen below needed a drastic makeover with regard to almost all its features like the curtains, cabinets and the appliances placed. From being a dark holed place, the kitchen now looks airy and very bright with grey pendant lighting fixtures installed and wooden cabinets painted fresh. The island too has been changed with stone top and matching wooden base that blends well with the decor. The tiles too have been changed that look more stylish than before.

3. Gorgeous kitchen makeover

From being a dull and under toned kitchen, the place now looks stylish with modern appliances and fittings apt for a contemporary home. Everything in the kitchen has been modified to suit modern needs like the new cabinets, spot lights, black counter tops and grey metallic oven to match the decor. One can see hints of purple painted on parts of the kitchen walls that matches perfectly with the purple candles arranged near the sunken sink with metal faucet. The flooring too gels well with the interiors.

4. Stunning kitchen makeover

The kitchen looks absolutely stunning with a total makeover that has redefined its look and style. It is a medium sized kitchen that was previously modeled on simple lines with everything dull. However, the newer avatar looks far more fashionable with a trendy looking chimney, white cabinets, freshly painted walls and a counter top fitted with shiny black material. The counter top is attached with a compact seating that makes room for a few people to spend time inside. On one corner is a wooden cupboard anchored that has increased the functionality of the kitchen.

5. Budget friendly kitchen makeover

One look at this kitchen and you will feel as if loads of money went into its makeover…but it isn’t the case guys! Yes, it is one of the most cost effective makeovers to have been seen by me. The total cost for renovating this kitchen was a mere $50! The makeover saw the use of antique white paint that the owners did it all by themselves. The tile back splash was painted using this awesome white paint to bring some innovative changes.

6. Smart kitchen makeover

From a shabby and nonfunctional kitchen, it was changed to its newer form by bringing changes to almost all the features present therein. The kitchen needed drastic and extensive makeover that saw the owners changing the light fixtures and the floor. The counter tops too were changed with shiny black marble that brought glamor to the area. The hanging pendant lights too look good and very elegant.

7. Colorful kitchen makeover

The kitchen, prior to its makeover looked like one that belonged to the era of the eighties and wasn’t so appealing to the eyes. But, the new kitchen is a total opposite and looks quite colorful and fresh. The kitchen underwent an extensive makeover, ranging from its wall paint, counter top to its cabinets. Also, the blue tiles were incorporated to change the dull look of the kitchen. The newly transformed kitchen also boasts of an attractive chalkboard wall decorative piece that looks quite in sync with the decor of the kitchen.

8. Farmhouse style kitchen makeover

The kitchen has been remodeled to look like one built in a farmhouse. A rugged worktable has been placed instead of any metallic or wooden counter top that gives a very traditional look. The kitchen looks very bright and airy with white painted walls and lighting that gel well with the color. The dining area is built adjoining the kitchen and looks eclectic. The flooring too has been changed using wood.

9. Eclectic kitchen makeover

One look at the newly renovated kitchen and you are bound to make a bee line towards the closest store that would help you renovate your own, close to the one you just saw! Yes, the make over has totally changed the way the kitchen looks. From a dull and dark place to a bright looking avatar, the kitchen’s got a whole new setting that includes changed light fixtures, counter top, flooring and the wall paint. The seating too has been changed to suit the look.

10. Charming kitchen makeover

The newly renovated kitchen looks even more dazzling than the previous self that was darker and less airy. The kitchen has got a new look with a taller window that lets in lots of light and one can enjoy the scenery while doing kitchen chores. One of the most striking feature inside is the stainless steel framed cabinets that seem to shimmer. The flooring is changed to a more darker tone and looks simply astounding with the light colored theme. The island also has been given a make over by changing the top with quartz.

11. Nice Kitchen makeover

The kitchen, previously, looked dingy with improper lighting and an ill fitting dining furniture that shouldn’t have been placed in such a small place in the first place. But, the renovated kitchen appears to be brighter, courtesy, the sleek light box fitted on the roof that offers good lighting. The wall paint has been changed to light lemon which looks better than the white. The cabinets, too have been freshly painted that add luster. Since the place is compact, the owners have done away with the seating that has lent more room for walking around.

12. Astonishing kitchen makeover

The kitchen seen below looks stunning and this was not achieved by spending buckets full of money. Instead, with some imaginative bent of mind, the owners changed the look and made it look a stunner. The main theme of the kitchen is white and brown. For this purpose, an old can of white paint was used for painting the panels behind the cabinets. For the cabinets, brown paint was used. The whole kitchen has been modified with items that were received as gifts and are now being used to decorate it, like the basket and cutlery.

13. Inspiring kitchen makeover

It is amazing to know what wonders a fresh coat of paint can do to transform your kitchen completely. That is what has been done in this kitchen where a fresh can of white paint was used to paint the edges of the counter top and the cabinets. Though, no changes have been done to the light fixtures, yet, the kitchen appears lively and bright. What would draw your attention is the attractive floor tiled rug.

14. Magnificent kitchen makeover

What can you gauge by looking at the first picture of this kitchen? Well, it looks like a chicken coup and a shabby little hole where no one would dare enter. However, the new avatar looks completely gorgeous with a drastic makeover including the lighting fixtures, cabinetry, walls, back splash, work island and the seating. While, earlier, there was practically nothing except dull looking cabinets and a shabby wooden counter top, now, the kitchen has undergone a massive change with glass framed cabinets, a textured wall and back splash. The look gets accentuated with hanging white lights as well as spot lights fixed on the wall and inside the cabinets. The counter top has been changed to a designer stone top that adds to the glamor of the kitchen. Along with the counter top is attached a cool metallic breakfast nook which makes the kitchen more functional.

15. Fabulous kitchen makeover

From a cluttered up kitchen that used to look ghastly, the kitchen has undergone a mega change and now looks smart. It is a small area but has been utilized wisely to place a compact dining table along with chairs that are delicate and very less space consuming. The ceiling fan cum light has been replaced with small light fixtures that spread more light throughout the kitchen. The counter tops and work area have been changed into black granite that looks good with the wooden cabinets. From the ceiling to the floor, the color accents used are very warm and cozy.

16. Drastic kitchen makeover

The main two features, i.e, the humongous light box attached on the ceiling and the dull brownish cabinets that looked more like eye sores in the old kitchen, have now been done away with. The newer version boasts of fall ceiling light fixtures that offer ambient lighting to create brightness. The dull brown cabinets have been painted with white that has made the kitchen space look bigger.

17. Pleasing kitchen makeover

The older kitchen looked whiter as compared to the new, but it certainly looks better now. The white cabinets have been changed into brown lengthier ones with pots and plants arranged on top of these. Instead of the hanging pendant lights, the new kitchen now boasts of ceiling lights that offer general lighting. The counter tops have also been changed from white to black stone tops that look shiny. There are spot lights fixed under the cabinets that offer an illuminated look. The kitchen’s window has been given more prominence in the newer version

18. Awesome kitchen makeover

The newly renovated kitchen looks spectacular with cabinets freshly painted with custom paint and counter tops that are made of concrete. The green color of the counter tops looks amazing with the wooden cabinets. One awesome feature in the new kitchen is the cork flooring that helps in enhancing the look. The new look is simple but engaging as one can see a perfect blend of unusual combos of colors used here and there.

Kitchens are important places that need to be decorated well. How would you feel if you had to spend your precious hours cooking in a rat hole that was devoid of any style and glamor? It would choke you for sure. However, you needn’t stay stagnant with your old dull kitchen as the list above will help you renovate your cooking area as per your liking. One can make changes to almost any aspect in the kitchen with a little patience and imagination. Take the help of my post and just go with the flow!

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