Outdoor Patio Kitchen Design – Simple Design for Your Home

Outdoor Patio Kitchen Design – Americans love to deck up their homes in novel ways and don’t mind spending a few thousand dollars on outdoor patio kitchen designs to draw admiring gasps of wonder from visitors. If you want a simple and basic small outdoor island set up you shall have to shell out upwards of $2000 and if you want to deck up your patio with elaborate and expensive tasteful outdoor patio kitchen designs, you can be set back by a minimum of $30000!

How much you have to spend on your outdoor patio kitchen designs will depend on the kind of appliances, designs, accessories you choose and the amount of space you want to cover. The more design elements you wish to incorporate in your patio kitchen, the more money will you have to keep aside for transforming the look of your patio.

You can choose from a basic and simple outdoor kitchen island or you may choose a U shaped island or an L shaped island of the prefabricated variety. Depending on the size of the patio, you can choose a small or medium sized or large island that can accommodate more appliances and storage space. Making the outdoor kitchen island your centre piece or focal point, you can start building your outdoor patio kitchen designs around this.

You can plant a decorative umbrella or two over the island and over the seating arrangement. Usually the seating arrangement is close to the island or on one side of the island while the other side is occupied by an outdoor wet bar with a raised bar top where you can tastefully arrange your cocktail glasses and iced champagne bottles.

On the other side you can place fire pits and an elegant fireplace; you can surround the island with benches or seating arrangements. There must be decorative lighting fixtures and you can even create a small patio garden complete with flowers and plants and foliage and a small stone statue or a small water fountain.

For the outdoor patio kitchen designs grill, you can choose between either a charcoal grill or a gas grill of the built in or movable type. Go for quality counter tops and cabinets for added emphasis which will last a lifetime.

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