Top 10 French Inspired Bedroom Designs

France is most often related to sophisticated style and elegance. It is a well known fact that French use a high art value in decorating their bedrooms. Therefore, we have decided to be a little copycats and bring their sophisticated and distinctive way of decorating into our bedrooms. If you are fond of the unique French charm and you want to wake up every morning feeling like Royalty from France, then you should take a look on the following french inspired bedroom designs.

1. Art Deco French Inspired Bedroom in the Attic

Perfect example of how you can create a super intimate and adorable French inspired bedroom in the attic. The cathedral ceiling is adding a French Cabin ambient and the dominance of the cream white color is creating the perfect French Inspired bedroom.

2. Bold and Distinctive French Inspired Bedroom

This is a really breathtaking living room design, you can feel the royalty note and the prevailing comfort that this room provide just by looking at the picture.

3. Classy French Inspired Bedroom

The Perfect combination of the gentle cream color with the minimalist furniture is the formula of how to create a Classy French Inspired Bedroom.

4. Elegant French Inspired Bedroom

Super Elegant and sophisticated bedroom decorated with a really charming and distinctive French style.

5. French Cabin Inspired Bedroom Design

This is an adorable and so elegant bedroom design inspired by the French Country Cabin.

6. French Canopy Bedroom Design

This is a great example of how you can create an authentic French bedroom with the sensual color of the canopy and the royalty furniture.

7. French Style Bedroom

Amazing decor of this French inspired bedroom will leave you in awe.

8. Impressive french bedroom furniture

Amazing interior of a really authentic French Inspired bedroom.

9. Neoclassical French Inspired Bedroom Design

There is no person on the planet Earth that would not love to wake up in a room like this.

10. Small French Inspired bedroom with master bed

Amazing and pretty French Inspired Bedroom.

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