Top 4 Trendy Combinations of Color and Creation for Bedroom

Trendy Combinations of Color and Creation for Bedroom – House renovation or designing needs one to be clear about the color combination and creation since a house is a fixed asset and lot of money goes into constructing one. No one wants a house that has a ridiculous combination of colors that would make your house appear ugly. There is a house, next to my street that looks like a jukebox and boy….do people really live here or what? Or, it is just a joke to live in such a house?

A vital element, colors are one of the most important aspects when designing new homes. From visual arts to web designs, colors play an important role. Different colors bring out different reactions from people. No two colors appear the same and look good. There are some who dislike the color purple while some prefer to use the shade with other colors to make it appear beautiful.

Some colors are loved purely because of psychological reasons while some are related to personal likes. Whatever said and done, color combinations are vital when you design your new house.

Do take a look at some trendy color designs that are used by designers all across the planet:

1. Parma Grey and Mahogany

Love the way the sky and sea look? If you do, it is suggested that you use this combination when selecting your bedroom design. The colour is soothing and appeals to the tired eyes. There is a hint of gray and hence, it doesn’t look like baby blue. The Parma Gray and Mahogany combo is used to bring out an effective contrast against a backdrop of wooden furniture placed inside the bedroom.

2. Chinese red in high gloss

When using this color combo, make sure that you apply at least six to seven coats of this color to bring out the glossy texture. The color is a great mix of brown and intense red that makes the bedroom cozy and warm.

3. Use a combo of lavender, grey and green

Many new homes are sporting a color combo known as Hardwick White and Heaven that is used in houses that are constructed near beaches. The best part about painting your bedroom walls is the fact that on removing the curtains, you can see the color of the walls changing. Yes, it is quite magical to see gray at one point, while, at other times, you can see the walls turning light green. The color brings out the ethereal charm of a bedroom and makes it appear heavenly.

4. Use a combo that is sophisticated

When we speak of sophistication, we cannot rule out the browns and pinks. The color combo is known as Capri Pink and Chocolate Soufflé and is used to bring out warmth and compliments dark brown furniture. Many Europeans use this combo extensively in their bedrooms since it merges well with any kind of decor and makes the room cozy.

Bedroom designs use varied kinds of color combinations that include rare and unusual colors. However, one needs to set his priorities ahead of planning the decor of their bedroom.

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