10 Custom Upholstered Headboards

As we already know the mood and the ambiance in your bedroom directly depends on the bed and its style and design. The headboard of the bed is usually the main focal point in the bedroom and may add a specific touch and identity in the room. The custom made Upholstered headboards may add a more personal touch in your bedroom. Therefore we are going to show you some interesting designs of a custom made upholstered headboards in order to get you inspired.

1. Adorable Floral Headboard Design

The upholstered headboard with adorable, pastel floral pattern may provide the bedroom with charming and romantic ambiance.

2. Chic Blue Headboard Design

This chic upholstered headboard made from turquoise blue velvet fabric will surely make a statement in the bedroom.

3. Classy Black and white headboard

This is really classy upholstered headboard with black and white stripes which may add a really modern and contemporary ambiance in your bedroom.

4. Creative Custom Headboard Design

The creative design in combination with the black and white leather makes this upholstered headboard a perfect focal point in the bedroom.

5. Dramatic Headboard Design

An upholstered headboard like this one may help you to create a dramatic and bold ambiance in the bedroom.

6. Elegant Headboard Design

This white upholstered headboard may work for creating an elegant and classy setting in your bedroom.

7. Retro Green Headboard Design

The bright green color of this sophisticated upholstered headboard may help you to provide the bedroom with stylish and modern note.

8. Royalty Inspired Headboard Design

This is really classy and royalty inspired upholstered headboard, which can make a statement in your bedroom.

9. Traditional Headboard Design

This white upholstered headboard is creating a sleek and modern appearance in this bedroom.

10. Vintage Headboard design

This printed upholstered headboard is creating a dazzling and dramatic ambiance in this bedroom.

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