Build A Bedroom Full of Character

What defines a bedroom that is full of character? To begin with, such a bedroom stands out among the rest of the rooms with members not wanting to spend their time outside of it. A house is called a good character home only when it is capable of being renovated with some state of the art upgrades and improvements that make it a masterpiece.

Sometimes, houses are labeled good character homes when they are built in locales that are uninhabited or have breathtaking panoramic views to die for. From houses that are nestled within nature’s bounty to those that are far from the noises of the chaotic city life can be included under character houses.

Looking for something rare and bored of the usual stuff that is offered on sale by many real estate agents? If that is the case, it is recommended that you search the net to find out the best deals offered by custom designer agencies that deal exclusively with character homes.

There are some houses that have customized pools, Jacuzzis and garages that are offered mainly to high end customers and may pinch you pockets a bit! However, investing in such homes is a wise thing since you never know what prices these will fetch once you enter them for resale!

Many castles that have been converted into customized houses are character homes, with antique fittings and furnishings. The rooms are large with exquisite interiors and linen. Of all the bedroom designs that contribute towards a magnificent home, the one that incorporates modern with traditional design patterns catches the attention of buyers. For example: a house that has a classic blend of contemporary designs and paintings with modern art in its bedrooms. The bedrooms of such a house would exhibit opulence and grander from every nook and corner. Organdy and silk may be extensively used for linen and curtains of bedrooms, thereby, making the room appear grand in every sense of the term.

When designing your bedroom, also think about the color contrast that would go a long way towards making the bedroom a favorite spot for family bonding and love. Now a days, people are mixing a cool blend of modern furniture like sofa cum chair with traditional mahogany king sized bed to compliment it. One can also make use of pastel colors when decorating their bedroom. Pastels like beige, light pink and nude colours are in vogue and are used in curtains and linen. Wardrobe, too, can be built in with a separate closet that offers privacy, or can also have in-built cupboards that are trendy. One can use illuminators to light up the cupboards and use glass doors instead of wooden ones to reflect the inner chambers.

With regard to the windows, one can use the large variety that can simply be opened with a shutter. Or you could also use a traditional looking wooden window that looks classy. Among other accessories to use, there are many different kinds of lampshades and illuminators that can infuse passion and warmth. From pastel colored shades to dark maroons and browns, lampshades are a must when you are thinking of redefining your bedroom. Hence, it is advised that you use at least three to four lamps, one near the sides of the bed, and the others at places, like your dressing table.

Apart from the above mentioned items, a bedroom needs proper maintenance to be labeled as a room with character. Be sure to keep it crisp and clean.

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