Exposed Roof Beams in 10 Bedroom Designs

The roof beams are a great accent to the ceiling and a great way to provide the ceiling with modern and contemporary touch. The roof beams in the bedroom will have a great influence in providing the place with warm, charming and intimate note. The bedroom is the place that should reflect positive and pleasant energy, and the roof beams will surely add a charming tone and will provide the room with warm and cozy ambiance. We’ve created a list of the most amazing living room designs with exposed roof beams.

1. Adorable Bedroom with exposed beams with black bolts

These exposed light brown roof beams with black bolts add a really rich and creative note in this natural and light bedroom.

2. Amazing Bedroom with Unique white Exposed Beams

The white color in combination with the perfect and symmetrical arrangement of these roof beams adds a charming and airy note in this bedroom.

3. Classy Bedroom with brown exposed beams

These sharp brown roof beams are providing this traditional bedroom with classy and warm note.

4. Contemporary bedroom with dark exposed ceiling beams

These dark brown exposed roof beams are adding a bold and rich ambiance in this adorable bedroom.

5. Eclectic Bedroom with exposed wooden beams

The warm brown exposed beams go perfectly with the brick wall in this eclectic and urban bedroom.

6. Elegant Bedroom with exposed caramel wooden beams

The brown roof beams break through the plain appearance of the white ceiling and provide this bedroom with an elegant and classy note.

Elegant Bedroom with exposed caramel wooden beams

7. Mediterranean Themed Bedroom with exposed wooden beams

This French inspired bedroom got its charm and warm note thanks to the rustic wooden roof beams on the ceiling.

8. Minimalistic Bedroom with White Wooden Exposed Beams

The white exposed roof beams match the monochromatic ambiance in this bedroom and provide the place with natural and airy note.

9. Modern Living Room with white exposed beams

These exposed white roof beams are really adding a value to the ceiling and are providing this bedroom with natural and yet modern and contemporary outlook.

10. Pretty Bedroom with Bold Exposed Wooden Beams

The chocolate brown color of these roof beams adds a sensual and modern note to this bedroom.

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