Wall Decorated with Pages from a Aook

If you want to create in your house spectacular, unusual and simultaneously inexpensive decoration, use for this purpose ordinary pages of books. If you do not want to ruin the books, you can Xerox copied on one side. The project is particularly suitable for reading nook in the living room or nursery where added thematic detail. Must be made in a dry place, as the paper will be damaged by moisture.

What you need for decorating:

Pages of books, original or copied to photocopiers; broad brush cut at an angle, knife and glue for wallpaper. Release the room of furniture and clean the walls. It is not necessary to cover the floor with plastic, they will use wallpaper glue, but you can put a piece of wrapping paper only sector in which you work. Stick with tape one page in the middle of the wall – this is the starting point from which to shape wall decoration in all directions. Cut the pages of photocopies or knife. Mix ingredients for wallpaper paste in a small bucket. If necessary, get a ladder to reach the higher parts of the walls.

Wall Decorated with Pages from a Aook
Wall Decorated with Pages from a Aook

If necessary, pour a small amount of wallpaper paste in a small container to not have to dissipate all the while working. Dip the brush into the mixture and scatter it on the back side of the page. Create a uniform layer of paste and tape to the desired location page, press the better surface to leave no air bubbles.

Apply the mixture on a second piece and stick it to the first, a slight overlay surface. If you want to view photos or images on paper, make sure you put that particular page so that the image is visible, not obscure it with other pages. At this stage, in this sector, glue only in the vertical direction. The change the direction of bonding sites – start sticking and overlay detail horizontally so that the bottom wall is not visible to all. This mix of horizontal and vertical pages creates visual impact and provides better texture. When you reach the corners, window frames and doors, or sills, and glue them on the cut edges with knife. The same goes for other details built – Contacts and electrical switches. Allow the glue to dry wall. Comfort.bg advised to apply the clear top cover to create a protective layer on the paper.

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