Kitchen with Blue Accents

Blue is not the tradition color for the kitchen, but if you like the fresh color scheme, like the sea and the summer, definitely it will make you feel better there. The fact is that in the summer we all combinations, variations, conspiracies and what not, just to be able to, at least for a little touch to this cool blue magic.

We can not ignore the fact that the construction of kitchen decor rarely used this color and one of the reasons is that the kitchen today is almost always part of the open living area, which would require the interior design will be subject to these nuances. It is imposed the opinion that the color blue is predominantly bathrooms – because the association with water, but gradually the design of these spaces managed to emerge from a long existing frameworks such conditions.

Choosing the color of the sea and sky in Interion concept of the kitchen can not only benefit daily meetings with memories of a summer romance, but purely practical aspects. Best color of it is blue light color, its tends to increase the optical space. And if you kitchen is south facing, blue shades imported optical brightening and cooling the space.

Kitchen with Blue Accents
Kitchen with Blue Accents

It is not necessarily the entire kitchen is designed in selected blue tone – items of furniture, one of the walls, even in blue kitchen accessories would be sufficient to make it look like the kitchen close friend of the sea.

Naturally, blue logically combines well with white, but very elegant combined with pastel colors like beige and gray – the association with beach and golden beaches become even more pronounced. Also the sandy beige and has the ability to neutralize cool suggestion that emits blue. Of course, to achieve a serene summer atmosphere can be placed in colorful accents and warm colors.

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