Idiot’s Guide to Shopping for Exterior Wall Lighting

Putting up exterior wall lighting in your home is a great way to illuminate outdoor spaces such as patios, decks, balconies, and porches. It is a good trick to ease transition between an entry and an exit point in a house.

Aside from the fact that its main purpose is to light up or illuminate an outdoor area by fastening a lighting fixture on to a wall, there is nothing else that holds exterior wall lighting together into a group. There the similarities end. There are hundreds, nay thousands of different designs and kinds of wall lighting for the outdoors.

Craftsman Lighting has its classic solid brass products, among its other selections. Then there is Glow Lightings Specialty Crystals for a classier look. If these don’t suit your taste, then go to the Radiance Lighting boutique or the Murray Feiss Lighting Store for a wide range of lighting designs.

exterior wall lighting
exterior wall lighting

If you are looking for both lights and fans, there is the Minka Group. All of these cater to designers, architects, and homeowners who are looking for a way to uniquely improve their residences.

The way to choose from among all these exterior wall lighting products is to keeping mind some basic shopping rules:

  • Choose the best but not the most expensive. Quality doesn’t always come at a high price.
  • Buy only what will match. If you see a high quality and inexpensive antique lighting fixture but your house is contemporary modern, don’t buy.
  • Make sure that it fits. Always measure first before going shopping.
  • Do your homework. It is better to be informed before you go out there to all these well-stocked stores. There is always the danger of losing your focus.
  • Have a set budget. Set the limits of your purchase beforehand.

 All of these 5 items can only be possible if you did #4 properly. Do your homework. When you find yourself scouting for exterior wall lighting, these are the things to research for in order to educate yourself on the basics of lighting.

 Basic questions for the idiot shopper:

– What is the best kind for an area?

– What are the best brands and why?

– What are the best stores and why?

– How does exterior wall lighting work?

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