Outdoor Recessed Lighting, Is it for You?

Outdoor recessed lighting is different from ordinary lighting. The fact that it is for outdoor use makes it a special kind of lighting. It has to have the qualities of being both watertight and weatherproof. A safe and careful construction of the unit is a must.

Most of these also have bulbs that are airtight. Being airtight has the effect of restricting airflow, preventing drafts, and keeping air from escaping. This has the added benefit of making it energy efficient.

No matter where you buy it from or which company made it, Craftsman, Minka, Quoizel Kichler, Murray Feiss, Radiance, Glow, or LAMP; the characteristics most looked for in this kind of lighting are usually similar. All recessed lighting are low key and unobtrusive. All have a streamlined look. This kind of lighting eliminates protruding fixtures and housings.

Outdoor Recessed Lighting
Outdoor Recessed Lighting

This is the lighting you install if you want your illumination to be of the inconspicuous kind. It can be used as decorative effect for garden and yard. In patios, decks, and porch steps, there is what is called step lighting. It is a form of outdoor recessed lighting that can be installed in the vicinity of the deck or patio stairs. They can also be installed in trellises, in arbors, and other permanent outdoor fixtures.

Lighting the outdoors is a good way to maintain security in the perimeter of your household. It is a way of reclaiming outdoor space, and making it usable even in the evenings.

Aside from the outdoor types, there are those intended for lighting kitchen countertops, bath and vanity light, ceilings, and other indoor use. There are then special bulbs designed for ceiling insulation for this kind of indoor recessed lighting.

Some of these have a dimmer and are used as mood lights. Some are placed strategically to highlight an object or a feature of a room or space. These are also very useful for residences with small spaces. This way, fixtures will remain hidden, the lighting unit will not take up precious space, and the area will look bigger than it is.

These are the reasons why special indoor or outdoor recessed lighting is chosen by some people for their homes and gardens.

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