Illuminate Your Space with Outdoor Patio Lighting

Patios are outdoor spaces in the home that are enjoyable for hanging out; for parties, barbeques, roughhousing and other such play not suited for the indoors. Having a patio is a good chance of enjoying a convenient outdoors while not leaving home.

hen night falls, you can rely on outdoor patio lighting to illuminate the patio, deck, and yard space to continue on with whatever activities you have planned. It is also a way to keep your residence safe and sound. Good illumination is a well known deterrent and a security measure.

Some of the lighting companies, designers, makers, and suppliers that carry this particular product for patios are LAMP, Glow, Radiance, Murray Feiss, Kichler, Quoizel, Minka, and Craftsman. Each one has a particular style or field of specialty.

LAMP products cater to the architectured spaces. Craftsman has outdoor lightings of solid brass. The others have their own distinctive decorative styles.

outdoor patio lighting outdoor patio lighting
outdoor patio lighting outdoor patio lighting

Then there are the different kinds for outdoor use such as the recessed lighting for patio steps, and the solar ones for energy saving and efficiency. There are also deck lights that can be installed in ceilings and walls, the stand alone ones, the path lights that are useful for illuminating a garden trail, and the special fountain lights.

Outdoor patio lighting is a good way to add accent to a home and garden. Instead of adding more features that will clutter the space, this is a good decorating alternative. It is also an effective security measure to have your surrounding area illuminated at night. For strategic placement of lights, there are different techniques and lighting designs. Some of these are:

  1. Uplighting
  2. Spotlighting
  3. Moonlighting
  4. Path lighting
  5. Silhouetting
  6. Shadowing

All these techniques involve a play of light and shadow on existing features of a patio or garden and yard. Things already in the landscape could be highlighted at dusk for stunning visual effect. These are things such as fountains, statues, trees, and other plants.

The fixtures could be installed high on the trees or low on the ground. They could be placed in arbors, or they could stand alone. All of these techniques could be put to good use in the installation of outdoor patio lighting.

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