Enhancing And Customizing Your Home’s Central Component – The Entrance Door

Used constantly in day to day life, the door of any home is often neglected despite its essential part to play in the structure and presentation of the building. Your door says a great deal about your house, so why not get one that reflects you as a person? Many people are content with non-customized doors, but that simply presents a generic, lazy attitude to the world. The simple addition of a brass knocker or a well-chosen hue of paint will make people admire your attention to detail and note the pride you take in your home.

To go one step further and really place yourself above the pack, you might want to consider a custom exterior door. While finding the right custom exterior doors used to be a process full of hassle, today’s carpenters have streamlined it into something smooth and user-friendly. Many companies will present you the relevant options for a custom wood exterior door in the form of an easy check list. All you have to do is check off what you want with regards to wood type, width and height, aesthetic design and so on, and you’ll have a door delivered to you that meets your exact specifications in a surprisingly short period of time.

Most companies are used to working with over a dozen different types of wood, and the style of wood you select for your door can be a great way to reflect the symbolism of the material or even just your personal sense of timber-related aesthetics. Another way to give your door a personal touch is to create one in a unique and memorable shape. This, of course, requires a matching frame for the door, but is generally worth the investment for the powerful impressions something as simple and traditional as an overhead door arch can make on houseguests.

entrance door
entrance door

Then there’s the surface of the door. Aside from the wood itself, it can be enhanced in many ways, such as adding special panels, chateau raised molding, and of course windows. For a sly bit of random indulgence, you could even customize a door to be an affordable replica of a door from a favorite movie scene. Instantly, you’ll have a signal for fellow fans and an inside joke to leave outsiders mystified, and all in a much more classy fashion than simply owning tacky merchandise like t-shirts.

And of course, custom wood exterior doors benefit from a wide range of knocks and knobs, If you’re fond of animals, you could try a wolf or cat’s head knocker. Alternatively, if you’d rather present a more classic, dignified atmosphere, a simple shiny bronze knocker or knob will do a lot to impress people with your sense of dignity and style. It can be all too easy to underestimate the value of a simple doorknob you truly enjoy until you first wrap your hand around it and know it for your own, a statement of your personality and hospitality.

Choosing the right custom door for your needs is a matter of projecting the atmosphere you want to impart on newcomers to your home whenever they step through the doorway, or even just near the door. While there’s obviously a certain amount of expense involved over simply making do with whatever uncreative default door the building first came with, the cost usually proves its worth in the warm feeling you get inside once you’ve stepped over the threshold a few times.

In addition, ordering a custom door doesn’t have to be a complex do it yourself affair, for those of you without the time or expertise for such things. Most companies that craft custom doors are also happy to install them for you, and some will make the installation procedure a free of charge bonus service. On the other hand, if you can handle the work yourself, then you can feel free to order from a wider range of carpentry companies, as many doormakers will ship their doors all over the country. Either way, don’t let perceived inconvenience stop you from creating a house door that truly fulfills your idea of what ‘home’ should be. It’s not nearly as troublesome as you’d think!

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