Jeld-Wen Doors Can Transform Your Home

When shopping for Jeld Wen exterior doors for your home, you think about color, style, and size – but have you ever thought about the higher concept of curb appeal? Curb appeal refers to what people think about your house from the road.

This is why it’s so important for you to choose a Jeld Wen exterior door. These doors are more than plain doors. Sure, they are sturdy and secure. Sure they are stylish: what sets Jeld Wen exterior steel doors apart from other doors on the market is that they are designed to be appealing to those who might come to visit. You don’t want people coming to your house to be nonchalant about it, do you? Why not liven things up by getting Jeld Wen fiberglass exterior doors?

These doors are designed to be maintenance free and durable no matter what the seasons are like where you live. Unlike typical wooden doors, these doors will not warp and they will not crack either! Besides, you can get them with finishes that make them look like wood, so you get the great look in Jeld Wen exterior doors without sacrificing quality. No matter what you are looking for in a Jeld Wen exterior door, you can find it. Most of the time, when people think about security and safety, they are thinking about how the doors will resist someone breaking in.

jeld wen doors
jeld wen doors

But what about fire? Did you know that that Jeld Wen exterior steel doors can withstand fire with ratings of up to ninety minutes? These doors are strong too, able to meet the tough requirements for areas where there are a lot of hurricanes. The Jeld Wen exterior doors are not the only doors they offer that are good for areas where hurricanes come. The natural look and beauty of a wooden Jeld Wen exterior door may be what is best for you.

With their wooden doors, you get the exquisite and elegant look combined with a toughness to withstand hurricanes: and guess what? These wooden doors have really good fire resistance similar to the Jeld Wen exterior steel doors. No wonder the Jeld Wen slogan is “reliability for real life!” Every Jeld Wen exterior door is built with care and has the longevity of the Jeld-Wen brand behind it. But, did you know that this company sells more than doors for the front of your house? That’s right!

You can get Jeld Wen exterior steel doors designed as patio doors, garage doors, and even inside doors! Besides all that, the same quality that comes with Jeld Wen fiberglass exterior doors is available in their windows. It only figures that a company that makes products as durable as Jeld Wen exterior doors would also have windows backed by the same reputation. You need to check your local phone book or look online to find out where you can get access to purchasing a Jeld Wen products.

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