A Few Basic Elements You Need To Kow About The Fiberglass Exterior Door

Fiberglass Exterior Door – These doors have been around a long time and have proven themselves to be a rather weather durable door. A fiberglass exterior door would be a nice material for people who live in climates that change with the seasons. Unlike traditional wooden doors, fiberglass will resist cracking, splitting and warping due to climate change.

Fiberglas doors are even resistant to damage that can occur from living in salty ocean water regions. They are also highly resistant to denting and do not corrode. By choosing fiberglass exterior entry doors you are also choosing an environmentally friendly material. When you choose a traditional wooden door it contributes to diminishing our natural wood resources. For every wooden door a tree has lost its life. Fiberglass also has a longer product life than wood does.

So not only will the national forests remain beautiful, but so will your home. Just as wood sheets can be layered to create a laminate effect for added strength, fiberglass is also constructed in layers to give it durability. In between the outer layers of the fiberglass is polyurethane foam, which adds to the energy efficient construction of the doors. If the door has a window, the window glass is also made with a double or triple layered pane to help with the energy efficiency of the door.

fiberglass exterior door
fiberglass exterior door

This glass is generally strong enough to withstand breaking due to a direct hit. This means a potential intruder on the premises would have little or no chance of entry by breaking the window glass on the door. Fiberglass exterior front doors are also designed to match the style of your home. You can choose from an array of pre-painted or stained doors, or you can choose to paint it yourself to match the exterior of your house. These doors can come in some very beautiful and decorative styles such as the Belleville textured fiberglass doors.

The doors have a wood-look grain appearance to them and are inset with beautiful beveled glass windows. You can even get fiberglass doors for use on the exterior of your home that are designed as a frame for a large glass inset to give it a more contemporary look. These doors usually come with a reinforced lock mechanism which gives greater security to the door. You can also get styles such as the sliding glass patio door, the hinged patio door and the stylish French door. For special needs you can get fiberglass doors that have been specially prepared in the design to be fire-proof or fire-resistant.

In addition to all the readymade designed doors to choose from, there are also a whole host of features available in creating a custom made door. Some companies will even guarantee the life of the door for the life of the home itself. Of course this is an option available to people who are purchasing the more expensive type of fiberglass setup for their exterior doors.

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