Wood Exterior Doors – Beautiful And Elegant

Beautiful and elegant wood exterior doors can make a lasting first impression on friends and guests, and can help to beautify your home as well. Wood exterior doors look better than metal doors, yet may not be as lasting or durable. In exchange for the beautiful appearance, wooden doors need to undergo far more maintenance than metal doors. They need to be checked for warping, rotting and splinters, and may have to be replaced more often than their metal counterparts.

If you do decide on buying a wood exterior door, there are countless styles and types of exterior doors in the market place, so picking the right one can sometimes be difficult. To narrow down your search, one must first know what size they want their doors to be. The size of the exterior doors on a home must fit the size of the home itself. A large exterior wood door on a small home will look strange and awkward, and can detract from the overall appearance on the house. On the other hand, small doors on a massive house can also look weird and out of place.

Many types of wood are available to use for your door, which include birch, American cherry and ash. Keep in mind that different types of wood have different properties. Do some online research, and pick the wood that is right for your environment. Some wood might not react well with humid or cold conditions; which is something you might want to consider if you live in northern areas. Decorative glass can also be added to solid wood exterior doors, to create an elegant and welcoming appearance.

wood exterior doors
wood exterior doors

In picking the door you want, make absolutely sure that the door fits the openings in your house. A loose door can be dangerous and easy for strangers to fidget open. Also, a loose door can let outside whether indoors, which over time, can dramatically raise the price of your heating bills. Similarly, picking an energy efficient door can help to drastically decrease your heating bill. Many doors these days have insulted glass, which keep cool air in during the summer and cold air out during the winter. Over time, new energy efficient exterior doors can pay for themselves.

New wooden doors are offered by many home improvement stores, including home depot and Lowes. Doing online research is important to find the right door at the best price. If your dissatisfied with the prices you find with large home improvement chain stores, you can order the doors from smaller, family owned stores, or directly from the door manufacture themselves. Because of the wear and tear associated with exterior doors, make sure that an insurance policy accompanies every door. In this way, you will not be accountable for an underperforming door.

In order to keep your new door in good condition, good care is important. Make sure that the hinges are all property oiled, and that the locks on the doors aren’t too worn out from overuse. Checking your locks and bolts can insure you peace of mind.

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