Impress Your Guests With A Glass Exterior Door

What is a beautiful house or a show room or even a theater without an attractive and beautifully done door? Doors make a statement of their own. We have to admit that it is the main entrance or the external door that people tend to observe as soon as they enter our house or any other place. By looking at the main door, we can roughly estimate as to how the rest of the place is going to be. Hence it is very important that the exterior doors create the right impression on the visitors when they make their entry.

The aforesaid facts are true to all kinds of exterior doors. Though every kind of door has a special appeal of its own, glass exterior doors portray a unique elegance and class. The technology of making varieties of doors have undergone many changes since the time man lived in caves and used animal skins or huge boulders as entry points. A glass exterior door lends a special transparency and a nice visibility and view of the things on either side of the door.

This kind of door also permits good light and brightness from outside, so you do not need to waste electricity during daytime too. There are varieties of glass exterior doors and one can buy the kind that suits his/her taste and requirement. They are mainly, inswing, outswing, left hand and right hand doors. As indicated by the names, the inswing door opens inwards and an outswing door opens outwards, thus giving an impression of larger carpet area inside.

glass exterior door
glass exterior door

Left hand doors have hinges on the left side when seen from outside and it is the other way round with right hand doors. The glass exterior doors may have a huge single pane of glass for the entire length of door or may have wooden or metallic grills in between giving the impression of divided panels. For economy purpose, many people prefer glass exterior doors with smaller panels and grills instead of one huge panel because in the event of any damage, you do not have to replace the entire panel as in the case of latter, but only that panel which has been damaged.

But when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, the single panel glass exterior doors are preferred. Since most of these doors are normally heavy set, especially in huge malls and theaters, they come with self closing fixtures or sensors for easy handling. Those who prefer architectural finish to their entrance and give a medieval look, normally go for beveled glass exterior doors that have a massive appeal and sophistication. They look beautiful when they have tastefully done walls on either side, instead of normal walls with plastered finish.

Similarly, leaded glass exterior doors require talents artists and experienced artisans to create them. These kinds of doors look beautiful in huge mansions and buildings which have been built using stone masonry. The moment you enter such houses and buildings, you feel as you have been transported to nineteenth century or even earlier times as they tell a story of their own.

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