An Exterior Double Door Will Spruce Up The Exterior Of Your Home

Exterior double doors are a wonderful way to spruce up the exterior of your home. With an exterior double door on your home you not only improve the outside appearance of your home but can save energy as well. A multitude of options are available to match any home’s décor and a variety of color choices ensure they will fit in with any color scheme.

One important consideration to keep in mind is the quality of the product. With so many options available, it is important to know what you are purchasing. Upgrades such as tinted glass, exterior finishes, and low-e upgrades can not only be worth the investment but can actually save you money on utility bills. A low-e upgrade is always a recommended feature. These upgrades control the amount of energy that is transmitted through the glass. The higher the low-e rating the better the door’s resistances to heat transfer.

Double exterior doors leave a lot of glass exposed to the elements, so any precautions that can be taken to save energy should be done. Another consideration on your double exterior door purchase is the finish. Aluminum clad, wood clad, and vinyl clad are just three of many available. The aluminum clad is a strong durable cladding that is available in a variety of colors from a variety of distributors. Wood cladding is not seen as often since wood has a natural tendency to warp. This requires it to be treated with chemicals that can add an off color to the doors. Vinyl cladding is a slightly cheaper option in most instances but is available in fewer colors and has a tendency to fade over time and even crack.

exterior double door
exterior double door

The interior is another consideration. A person’s home is an expression of them. Therefore it is important to have your door blend in with its surroundings. A primed white jamb is paintable to match the trim color of your home. A stain grade jamb, clear wood such as pine or oak, is left untreated so that if a person’s home contains stained trim it can be stained to match. Prestained jambs are also available though not used as frequently as the likelihood that they match the trim in the home is small. Along with the trim around the door, there is visible trim options to decorate the door.

Exterior double doors have a lot of glass exposed, as mentioned earlier, and this can be decorated in many ways. There are artful touches that can be added, such as sandblasting or etching, and there are aesthetic touches such as grills in the windows. These grilles can be encased in the glass for ease of cleaning, they can be mounted on both sides of the glass for a simulated divided glass look, or they can be interior only, again removable for ease of cleaning. With all these options in mind it is easy to see how double exterior doors can finish the look of any home and improve the homes value.

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