Floor-Lamp Lighting Styles

Even today, floor-lamp lighting is still one of the most popular ways interior designers will change the look of a room. It is one of the most popular ways because you get a lot of bang for your buck. Meaning that it is cheaper to buy a few accent lamps, than it would be to add a built-in bookcase or cabinet. You can even buy a floor-lamp lighting units for less than the cost of having someone paint a room. And buying new floor-lamp lighting is a great way for the average person to drastically change the look of their room.

Budget floor-lamp lighting units have been around a long time. But it’s not until recently that the average individual was able to take advantage of them. At one time, decorative floor-lamp lighting units were very expensive and hard to find. You either had to purchase expensive antique floor-lamp lighting units, or have your floor-lamp lighting units custom built. There just weren’t that many designs and styles to choose from.

That has all changed now, and today there are hundreds of different floor-lamp lighting designs, and styles, available. Even the most finicky shopper will be able to easily find the exact floor-lamp lighting that they are looking for, and at a great price.

floor-lamp lighting
floor-lamp lighting

One of the things a shopper needs to keep in mind when they are looking for floor-lamp lighting units is where they are planning on using the light. Are they looking for a floor-lamp lighting to read by? Are they looking for a low light floor-lamp lighting to provide more atmosphere? Are they looking for a floor-lamp lighting that has a dimmer switch built-in? How large of a room do they want to light with their floor-lamp lighting unit?

The amount of light you want is important to keep in mind, as well as the size of the area to be lit. If you buy a floor-lamp lighting unit with a 500 watt halogen bulb, and use it to light a small room, the only atmosphere you will get will be from wearing sunglasses. Likewise reading by a soft glow may not be the best thing for your eyes. So we need to take a look at the different types of bulbs available for your floor-lamp lighting.

First there are incandescent bulbs. These are the normal screw-in light bulbs that are found all around your home. You can buy them in several different brightness levels. The benefits of these bulbs is that the bulbs and the floor-lamp lighting units are readily available.

You can use a standard dimmer switch with incandescent bulbs in your floor-lamp lighting unit. This makes it very easy to adjust the amount of light. The downsides are that floor-lamp lighting units using incandescent bulbs use a lot of electricity, and they get hot. Their life span is also lower than other types of bulbs.

Next is fluorescent lights. Fluorescent lights have several advantages when used in floor-lamp lighting units. They last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs. You can be different wavelengths of light than you can with an incandescent bulb. You can get some very bright bulbs that mimic sunlight. You can also get very soft white light lights that are very easy on the eyes, and will help your floor-lamp lighting units add a softer look to any room.

floor-lamp lighting
floor-lamp lighting

You can also get CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light) bulbs if you buy an incandescent floor-lamp lighting unit. This will give you almost all of the benefits, except using a dimmer switch, that incandescent lights have.

Then there are Quartz Halogen bulbs. These bulbs last a long time and put out tremendous amounts of light even in floor-lamp lighting units. Keep in mind that these bulbs use a lot of electricity and burn VERY hot.

Keep these things in mind when you look for a floor-lamp lighting unit. Where you want to use the light. What the actual light will be used for, and what type of bulb you want in your floor-lamp lighting unit. If you remember these thing you will easily be able to pick the perfect floor-lamp lighting unit out.

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