Clip On Lamp: Clip-On Lights for Reading, Desks or Headboards

A clip-on lamp is compact in size, requires little space, often constructed in all-metal, satin steel, or durable plastic, with a choice of metallic colors or blacks with chrome accents to offer a neat appearance, and provides the right amount of lighting for a bedroom headboard or closet space.

Different Styles Of Clip-On Lamps

A pole / arm on a clip on lamp measures 9 – 18-inches in height by ½-inch diameter, a clip on lamp shade measures in at 4½ – 5 1/8-inch diameter, and often come in a plastic material. A lamp accepts an energy saving 13 -watt fluorescent light bulb to a more high intensity 40 – 60-watt bulb.

Mini clip-on lights are effective for offering instant lighting in any position at a cost-effective price, and come in a durable, plastic construction, fully adjusts, and accepts a 25w bulb.

Clip On Lamp
Clip On Lamp

Useful Features to a Clip On Lamp

Common features to a quality clip on reading lamp include a adjustable gooseneck (for ease in altering light direction), a strong slip-resistant clamp grip, 5 – 15-feet of cord – with on / off switch, attaches to a flat surface up to 2.5-inches thick, and single light bulb often comes included.

Also, if tired of replacing light bulbs, a LED-based clip on bed light is ideal, these types of lights consume a minimal amount of power, and gives an estimated 100000-hours of use.

Clip on lamps, with batteries as a source of power, take it a step further by offering complete freedom in the positioning, without a need to be located near to an electric socket.

Clip On Lamp
Clip On Lamp

Clip On Headboard Lamps for Reading

For nighttime reading, a clip on headboard lamp offers a perfect reading or task light to position in the bedroom. Clip the base to either a headboard or shelf-unit to direct a light-source at the desire spot – these lights also often come with a gooseneck, flexible neck or bend arm for complete freedom in directional control for infinite beam positions.

Clip on lamps for beds are ideal for most types of headboards (from the plain to full bookcase style headboards), although it is worthwhile to measure the actual thickness of a board to guarantee a light fitting will fit.

Weather it is a clamp on desk lamp, headboard lamp, or reading lamp, a clip-on light offers an instant light source for a variety of situations. A lamp that is perfect to position on a small work area or desk where space is often limited.

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